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Our aim is to bring all #EventProfs and #EventTech together and...

Your social media strategy is not just about what happens during the event. It also needs to cover what happens in the build up and what happens in the aftermath. It’s about building a community around your event, not just for it. It’s about laying the ground... Read more
Our aim is to bring all #EventProfs and #EventTech together and...

  Ambition is good. Ambition is great. You want your event to blow the competition right out of the water. But there’s the little problem of purse strings, right?   Thing is, throwing money at an event isn’t the thing that makes it unmissable. People don’t... Read more
Our aim is to bring all #EventProfs and #EventTech together and...

You’ve put a huge amount of effort into making sure that your business event went off without a hitch. But the work doesn’t end there. In fact – your business event is just the start of the journey. After you’ve succeeded in grabbing people’s attention with... Read more
Our aim is to bring all #EventProfs and #EventTech together and...

  First impressions are, as the old cliché goes, everything. It might feel like something of an afterthought, but the way you handle guest registration at your event can set the tone for the entire day. Guests that feel frazzled and harassed by their sign-in... Read more
Our aim is to bring all #EventProfs and #EventTech together and...

No matter how awesome your event, making sure people actually know about it, and getting them to buy tickets, is always the hardest part. But ploughing your budget into conventional marketing and advertising doesn’t always yield the best ROI – a problem that... Read more
Our aim is to bring all #EventProfs and #EventTech together and...

When you’re ploughing all your energy into planning a fantastic event, there’s always the danger that you’ll neglect the most important part of all: making sure people actually turn up. To cut through the noise and get people excited, a few Tweets just... Read more
Our aim is to bring all #EventProfs and #EventTech together and...

  London, UK; Wednesday 7th October 2015: PickEvent, all-in-one event management technology expert, hosted an event to remember in London. The Content Strategies for Business Conferences and Awards evening brought together industry professionals and influencers... Read more
Our aim is to bring all #EventProfs and #EventTech together and...

Imagine you could get thousands of people from your target market together in one room - a captive audience, as it were, of your ideal customers. All of whom want to learn more about the subject you want to talk about.   Oh, hang one: you don’t have to imagine.... Read more
Our aim is to bring all #EventProfs and #EventTech together and...

  Gen Xers and Millennials: there’s only a generation between them, but they’re a world apart when it comes to professional expectations. When you start comparing Millennials to Baby Boomers, they’re practically a different species. Why? Because Millennials... Read more
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A $50 Social Media Budget
I'm a Found and CEO working at JuxtaLegal

How to spend just $50 on a Social Media Budget Social media is huge business. It can do wonders for SEO and, more importantly, can drive huge amounts of traffic to your website if you are successful in the field. The industry average tends to be between $200-$300 per... Read more
I'm a Content and Community Manager working at #EventProfs Network by Pickevent

Social media is the most powerful form of marketing and market research today. Therefore, when it comes to promoting events, social media poses an exciting opportunity for event organizers to drive engagement, attract more attendees and build a strong community at... Read more

#TasteTheTech at the next Open Office session on 31st March at Google Campus, London is going to feature a new cohort of fresh start-ups. Join event professionals, start-ups and developers for insights and demonstrations of new #EventTech ideas. Event professionals... Read more
I'm one of the CoFounders behind Pickevent. We aim to help as many...

At Pickevent, we love innovation. Inspired by Nike’s announcement that they’ll be making self-lacing trainers in honour of Back to the Future, we decided to look ahead and think about what we want to see at events in 2015. 1. Wifi everywhere We’re slowly... Read more
I'm one of the CoFounders behind Pickevent. We aim to help as many...

Events are the perfect way t show the world what your company is doing and bloggers are definitely crucial for this. They are nowadays thought of as part of the media and very sought after. Make sure you can bring them to your events! 1. Treat bloggers as... Read more
I'm a Founder & COO | Founder & Strategic Consultant working at Eventopedia | NewtonSquared

We were shocked last week (Wednesday 19th November 2014) to read@BenQuinn75 piece in The Guardian that a Blackpool #hotel was claimed to have “fined” a couple £100 for a bad review on #TripAdvisor, more specifically that this was alleged to be a hotel policy... Read more
Event Manager for one of the largest colleges in Wales with over...

Hello fellow #Eventprofs - I am new to Pickevent and looking to connect and share info with like minded professionals. Please feel free to follow and connect with me on here, via LinkedIn and/or find me on Twitter. I have links set up on my Pickevent profile. If any... Read more
I'm a Director working at The Conference Doctor

“After the recent years of mergers and acquisitions are we beginning to turn full circle again?” An interview I read with Jo Rozsich, Crown Commercial Service’s category lead for creative, events and insight, reminded me of a recent conversation with a good... Read more
Our aim is to bring all #EventProfs and #EventTech together and...

On 25 September, #EventProfs Network hosted a panel discussion on event content. A panel of experts from Mash Media, Haymarket, Who’s Who in Events and The MICE Blog, all moderated by Marco Forgione, CEO of EVCOM (former Eventia).   Event content is essential in... Read more
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I'm a Director working at Brook House
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#EventProfs Network
We are hosting an event next Thursday 2rd October about ticketing solutions and we'd like to get your opinion from your experience
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#EventProfs Network
What would you recommend for someone who would like to start his career within the events industry? Apart from getting some formal training and an internship.
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#EventProfs Network
We are hosting an event on 11th December with a panel of experts, join on www.pickevent.com/e/largeevents

If you can't attend, register and leave your questions on the Conversation area
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Hellen Beveridge
I am currently conducting a survey for individuals who work across all aspects of the international events industry and I would value your input.
The survey is very short so it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes of your time.
Many thanks
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Jennifer Cass
Does anyone have any tips when creating a contingency plan for conference events?