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A $50 Social Media Budget

How to spend just $50 on a Social Media Budget

Social media is huge business. It can do wonders for SEO and, more importantly, can drive huge amounts of traffic to your website if you are successful in the field. The industry average tends to be between $200-$300 per day! If you're company is just starting out, those figures seem quite daunting. So, is it possible to run a social media account on a $100 budget and if so, how?

Graphics/Photos - $10

A first step in succeeding online in social media is creating a professional looking social media page. One key aspect of this is great looking artwork. Sites such as http://placeit.net offer fantastic looking mock-ups for a cheap price.

Advertising - $30

A fundamental aspect of spending money in social media is advertising. Debate continues as to which sites generate the most amount of traffic, but my personal preference is to use a combination of Twitter and LinkedIn. Although Facebook can be beneficial, Twitter adverts just seem to fit into the general user feel of Twitter more so than Facebook, and so often has a direct impact on users clicking through to your site.

Scheduling - $10

A final important aspect of succeeding in social media is creating an active feed. This means tweeting a lot; possibly as much as a tweet an hour. Doing so can be rather tedious, particularly if you are running your startup whilst working another job.  This is where scheduling comes in. Companies such as https://buffer.com/ offer to schedule Facebook posts and tweets in advance, meaning you can schedule your updates and leave buffer to do the rest. The simple plan is free, but I feel the $10 option is great value.

Thomas Noble
Founder & CEO of http://juxtalegal.com