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Top 5 Ideas from High Impact Content Strategy event by PickEvent’s #EventProfs Network


London, UK; Wednesday 7th October 2015: PickEvent, all-in-one event management technology expert, hosted an event to remember in London. The Content Strategies for Business Conferences and Awards evening brought together industry professionals and influencers to garner content strategy ideas from each other’s wealth of knowledge.

A panel of four content strategy experts led the lively discussions; Konrad Sanders, founder at The Creative Copywriter, Alex Evans, Content Director at Intelligent Partnership, Annie Byrne, Deputy Editor at Mash Media and Ricardo Molina, Co-founder and Director at BrightBull Marketing.

Idea 1

Ricardo Molina says: “96% of people that see your website don't care about you and are not going to buy from you, yet! So focus your content strategy not on the 4%, but on the 96% to get their attention by giving them value rather than selling your event”.


Idea 2

Annie Byrne says: "It needs to be a full year strategy, content strategy is all about teasing".


Idea 3

Alex Evans says: “Don’t forget attendees are coming to your event looking for value, and most of the times, that value is measured by connecting with relevant people. Attendee value doesn’t have to do anything with filling a room of non-relevant attendees.”


Idea 4

Discussions focused on effective content marketing as a critical part of the event experience. Panelists encouraged debates around target customer pain points, using influencers in your content strategy, how to create content with a purpose and how to use video content in a powerful way.


Pickevent’s expertise meant that the event was small with only 20 attendees in total, a tactic that keeps the event relevant, meaningful and encourages powerful interaction.


Attendee, Camilla from Euromoney says: "There were some really valuable specific ideas on how to use ebooks and videos for event content strategy that I’ll definitely put into practice. I got loads out of this evening as the small crowd made it really easy to talk to everyone. The panelist format was really conducive to some heated discussions. ”


The success of #EventProfs Network, shows PickEvent are leading by example with small expert groups, focused discussion and debates.


Idea 5

Konrad Sanders says: “Outbound marketing still exists but it’s less powerful than it used to be. Content marketing is inbound marketing and it’s a lot subtler. We have to concentrate on offering value, figuring out what the target customer is looking for and how they are finding your content.  All event sign ups should be incentivised and with a sense of urgency attracting them to the event.”


PickEvent’s #EventProfs Network are hosting five more events this year, including training, roundtables and more panelist led events. Places are limited, visit http://pickevent.com for all event information and to save your space.


PickEvent is an all-in-one event management technology expert and community building solution, mainly used for conferences, awards, exhibitions and training.


Jose Bort

Founder of the #EventProfs Network