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#EventProfs Network
Which ticketing technology do you recommend?
We are hosting an event next Thursday 2rd October about ticketing solutions and we'd like to get your opinion from your experience
We are hosting an event next Thursday 2rd October about ticketing solutions and we'd like to get your opinion from your experience
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I would recommend Ticket Tailor, and here's why:

No per ticket fees

With most ticketing companies you'll find they take a cut of your profits, as a fee-per-ticket, or as a percentage, or both. For example, Eventbrite charge $0.99 + 2.5% as a service fee.

At Ticket Tailor, we don't charge you when you sell tickets. All of our packages allow you to sell unlimited tickets. We just charge a monthly fee starting at $25 (£15) / month which will vary depending on how many events you have on sale. There are no contracts; you can switch packages whenever and when you don't have any events on sale there is a Free package you can select. And we offer 30% off for charities.

To find out more about our pricing please check our pricing page.

Completely self-serve

With Ticket Tailor you can access your account and manage everything your self any time you like. But don't worry if you get stuck as we have a huge help section and great support; just drop us an email: info@tickettailor.com.

Minimal branding

Ticket company branding be distracting for customers and it can dilute your brand. Not to mention that searching for your competitors events is only a click away. With Ticket Tailor we include a small "Powered by Ticket Tailor" badge at the bottom of your event page and that's it. It links to our website which is only relevant for ticket sellers and there is no option to search for your competitors events.

We also offer a completely white label package (email info@tickettailor.comfor more info).

Sell from your website or Wordpress site

We provide embeddable box office widgets that you can add to your website or Wordpress site (via a plugin). See an example box office widget here. This provides a really slick process for your customers. If you don't have your own website then we also provide you with a Facebook app to sell from your Facebook page, and your own event pages with a  http://buytickets.at/your-company web address.

Instant, direct payments

Ticket Tailor integrates with your own Stripe or PayPal account (or both). We don't hold on to any funds or stand in the middle of any payment processing.

Plus much more

Including affiliate links, ticket grouping, and order management.

Take a look for yourself, and try it out for free: Ticket Tailor - Sell tickets online - No booking fees

Hi Jonny,

The monthly fee is your fee, but how much for the processing credit card fee?