Building and Sustaining Virtual Teams that Deliver Real Results to your Organization.

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Virtual Management Real Results Coursework, you will know how to:

  • Communicate Effectively with your Virtual Teams
  • Build Trust Easily through the Discipline of Transparency
  • Define Clarity in the Work, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Measure, Track and Report Results to demonstrate contribution to the organization and irrefutable performance of your Virtual Teams!

Why should you attend:

Virtual Workplace Management skills are simply required to create and sustain high performing teams in business.

Even if the entire team is located in the same office building, we are still managing employees where time does not equal results...

Manufacturing Based Economy: Time and effort = Results!

Many of our current management models were based on manufacturing - turning materials into products to sell. The environments were commonly production lines with expensive machinery and individuals had to be "at work" to produce.

Knowledge Based Economy: Time and Effort ? Results!

Today, our work environment includes commuting to our offices, opening our laptops, plugging in the cell and beginning our workday. E-mail is the most important tools for communication and pervasive in corporate culture as face to face or the phone is used with less frequency. Whether our teams are on-site or mobile, we are working on our projects and most commonly communicating with our management, team members and customers via e-mail.

We all have had the opportunity to work with those rare individuals that were at work long hours and oh so very busy....always appeared that their "hair was on fire" handling the next chaotic work event. Management was completely enamored with their loyalty and dedication and as their team members; we wondered "what the heck is it that they do?"

For an effective mobile workforce, you need a Proven Virtual Workplace Blueprint

 New Management Theories for "Virtual Teams"

 Elaborate and Specialized Technology Tools

 Extensive "Telework" plans, rules and regulations

Using the Virtual Workplace Blueprint in two Fortune 500 organizations and their subsidiaries, I manage Virtual Teams that are recognized their achievements and rewarded with high profile, challenging assignments at an organizational level.

Who will benefit:

  • All Managers! The Virtual Workplace is quite common and growing!
  • Project Managers
  • Human Resources
  • Consultants


Day One

Lecture 1: What are the successful practices of a Great Virtual Manager?

Lecture 2: Why is a Virtual Workplace easier to implement than a Telework Arrangement?

Lecture 3: What is most important when launching Virtual Teams?

Lecture 4: What are the characteristics of successful Virtual Employees?

Lecture 5: How to Communicate Effectively: you must have a Communication Plan and it will be different for Teams that were once co-located versus Teams that start virtually

Lecture 6: How to conduct effective Virtual Meetings. Imperative to gain these skills!

Day Two

Lecture 1: How to Create and Maintain Cohesion in your teams - despite their locations

Lecture 2: Why Consistency with Clarity and Transparency is what Builds Trust not being co-Located

Lecture 3: If we cannot define it, we cannot manage it! Work, Roles and Responsibilities must be defined whether teams are co-located or virtual

Lecture 4: How to Measure, Track and Report Results: clearly document the contribution and performance of your teams to the organization

Lecture 5: Implement Successful Performance Management in Virtual Teams...managing time is not the key indicator!

Lecture 6: What are important technology tools for Virtual Teams?


SFO, CA    |    January 29th & 30th , 2014$795.00   (Seminar for One Delegate)

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Until December 15, Early Bird Price: $795.00    From December 16 to January 27, Regular Price: $995.00

Boston, MA    |    February 19th & 20th , 2015$795.00   (Seminar for One Delegate)

Register now and save $200. (Early Bird)
Until january 10, Early Bird Price: $795.00    From january 11 to February 17, Regular Price: $995.00
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