1-2-1 Meetings Scheduler & Agenda Builder

Help your delegates to arrange meetings at a specific available location and time and, build their own agenda with sessions and meetings. Enjoy a great deal of data and a potential new revenue stream!

Key features

  • Attendees can import meetings to their own calendar
  • Attendees can download their personalised agenda
  • Sync an event calendar to the 1-2-1 solution
  • Unlimited categories, meetings, time slots and tables
  • Upload (list & manual) and download attendee profiles
  • Flexible solution:
    • Arranged meetings yourself
    • Give access to only one type of attendees
    • Give access some first, some afterwards
    • Give access to all your attendees at the same time
  • Limit number of meetings and add extra meetings
  • Public and private access
  • Personalise filters
  • Control automatic notifications (new meeting requests,…)
  • Branded solution
  • Multi-language
  • Reports per slot, table and slot & table to manage the meetings on-site

Some Event Analytics