Event Registration & Ticketing

Allow delegates to register online and collect data with our basic registration, either through a simple form or via our LinkedIn integration. You can also register delegates manually, upload lists and generate tickets, invoices and badges.

Data management

Keep track of all the on-line registrations, add/import/export data and communicate with them easily.

On-line & Off-line payments

Allow delegates to pay online and/or offline via bank transfer and track all transactions. The system can generate tickets and invoices automatically.

Advanced registration

Condition questions per delegate category (visitor, exhibitor, media,…), ticket or even other questions so they only answer questions relevant to them.

Flexible user journey

Brand your registration process, use your own web domain and create a bespoke user journey.

Onsite registration

Why not to use our registration and payment solution onsite? Also available, an onsite check-in web app to check-in delegates at the door and register them on the go. We are currently working on a QR Code reader and per session check-in app.