International Trade: Strategies to Enhance Financing and Operational Success at Los Angeles

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Upon completing this course participants should:

·         Understand how to identify international trade opportunities; when you see lead from the Commerce Dept. validate it with due diligence by asking hard questions to validate the leads.

·         Utilize International trade to build revenues through sales and profit maximization.

·         Evaluate effectiveness, suitability and adaptability of implemented solutions/corrective actions by implementing project management and/or CRM solutions

·         Receive a tool box of methods to assist you in knowing if you have a comprehensive, bullet proof system for growing international trade into revenue; that is finding and evaluating opportunities

·         To investigate and to evaluate and prioritize solutions; that is using automated processes to direct successful solutions.

·         Problem solving methods to help you assess which is best for your situation; that is, drilling down to particularize solution.

·         Develop successful implementation plans; that is, project management structures to drive deliverables

·         Differentiate between proactive and reactive actions; how to make things happen with that safety net in place.

·         Understand where an issue can be localized or must be evaluated in the larger context for systemic effect; conditions for scaling up

·         Perform opportunity assessments effectively; aligning all necessary elements and benchmarking likelihood of success

·         Understand where companies adopt best practices; know where you have to be to measure up such as with CTPAT

Why you should attend:

Number one: 

How mastery over the valuation code is a profit enhancer-we are going to speak about how your shipments are valued for international tariff purposes, why you want that number to be as low as possible and how you are going to get it there

Number two:

Tariff classification as a magnet for investors-What your product is described as can both save you money, namely tariffs and attract money from investors; we’ll talk about how you can have the best of both worlds.

Number three:

Use of insurance to protect your customers, yourself and your bottom-line-Insurance is not just spending money for protection but rather can actually be used to make money with branding the poster child for this benefit.

Number four:

How licensing production gives your products a Second Life-Once upon a time, we made things in our own factory. Now licensing moves production while increasing revenues.

Number five: 

Import export to multiply your market reach-Selling internationally expands your market by definition but also recasts things close to home so as to multiply markets in the US as well.

Areas Covered in the Session:

·         This training will help make you aware of the importance of your international trade (imports, exports, licensing), the very location(s) in which you make your product. Adam Smith lives for those who want to listen. Interfere as they may, governments create market disparities that can be monetized; inputs, production, every aspect of who you sell to flows from this.

·         We will explore what international trade is and how to monetize in its various aspects overcoming regulatory barriers to trade like antidumping and countervailing duties and taking advantage of free trade agreements, bonded warehouses and free trade zones

·         You will be trained about using international trade as a profit enhancer, fine tuning quantity, price and profit.

·         How the world of finance deals with international trade and how you can use your trading activity as magnet for investors will be explored. With commercial viability and a track record you can parlay your enterprise into an investment magnate.

·         How protecting your international trade against competitors here and abroad will be focused upon and use of special insurance to protect your international trade and bottom line will be explained.

·         Licensing is a revenue creator and the use of international trade as a licensing driver will be laid out for you to take advantage of this substantial way of making money that otherwise would not be available to your enterprise.

·         Expanding the depth and breath of the markets to which you sell by creating a multiplier of revenue with international trade to further increase your market reach. You will be instructed about how and when to utilize this successful strategy for growing your enterprise.

Who Will Benefit:

·         Trading Companies

·         Customs Brokers

·         Regulatory Professionals

·         Compliance Professionals

·         Document Control Specialists

·         Record Retention Specialists

·         Legal Professionals

·         Buying Agents

·         Selling Agents

·         Export Management Companies


Day One:

·         Process Overview-think business plan with different but parallel layers

·         Identifying what to ought to be exported and imported-know your products commercially and from regulatory standpoint

·         Identify what markets to consider-what is hot and what is not generally and particularly for your business

o    How to use the international trade protection system

·         Advantaged markets-marketing support outbound and fta inbound for instance

·         Lawful or temporal-predictability like in US with binding rulings and consistent application on one hand versus evolving legal standards with uneven application based on geographical and other factors such as in China

o    Tips and pitfalls for choosing to trade through

§  Exporting-regulatory advantages and disadvantages

o    Importing-regulatory advantages and disadvantages

§  Internal Sources, External Sources, and Outputs

·         Partnering for international trade development-roles of consultants, importers, logistics companies, and distributors

·         What should you be looking for?

o    Who will own the international trade apparatus-someone there for business to be completed whether successful or not

o    Who has the opportunity to receive most of the revenues from commercialization of international trade-should be who puts most skin in game and takes greatest risk

o    Corrections-need to chart course and make corrections to smooth the way over turbulent seas

o    Management

·         Building an international trade portfolio-vary by product, market, import or export allows you to diversify risk and increase likelihood of enhancing profitability

·         Ideal characteristics and Record

o    People, process, tools

·         The Ideal record-think project management and CRM to gain real time transparency for course corrections and be sure to have team buy in to process

·         The Law Perspective and Analysis-contracts particularly with choice and law and regulatory with Customs and phytosanitary create the legal paradigm

Day Two:

o    The 5 Why's; Why this product, why this market; why import, why export, and why this team to be successful

o    Revenue strategies diagram-Free Trade Agreements-lowering or eliminating tariffs, Bonded Warehouses-lowering and/or postponing tariffs and Free Trade Zones as off-shore hub to fulfill market needs at market specific prices

o    International Trade market charts-plot your criteria for both comparative analysis and convergence of positives;

o    Process mapping-then write a road map of how you'll get there with step by step instructions over time;

o    Tree Analysis (FTA)-what if analysis on steroids or if things go wrong, stop them from going very wrong, pick them up with a course that gets you back in the race to a positive result

·         International Trade Analysis-now it's time to combine finding to get full plan

·         The International Trade Profit Plan-now that you have plan, what will it take to make it profitable; be specific

o    Establishing-build strong financial team to surround core expertise

o    Relating a plan to each identified International Trade opportunit.

·         Plan Execution-project management to articulate tasks, milestones, and achieve accountability

·         The Verification of Effectiveness-scrutiny of results by objective party

o    Plan and execution-you do and they approve

·         documentation expectations-create transparency tailored to each stakeholder

·         reviews approvals-you review and they do too

·         closure-tally up result in time based snapshot

·         Case Study Exercise from current International Trade best practices-let's take a stroll to see how it's all done


Steven Lehat brings three decades of regulatory law solutions to your enterprise. Problems relating to trademarks, copyrights, the internet, franchising, CPSC, EPA, FDA, FTC, securities, and import/export transactions are solved within the context of the "totality of your operations." Companies of all sizes including international trade leaders like Pier 1 Imports, Bacardi and Hyundai Heavy Industries and foreign governments such as the Kingdom of Jordan and Trinidad and Tobago seek this guidance, and now you can bring this expertise into your inner circle. Steven Lehat implements worldwide trademark programs, establishes internet start-ups, and deflects government imposed penalties from regulatory agencies of all kinds.

Location: Los Angeles, CA   Date: August 20th & 21st, 2015         Time: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM 
Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Los Angeles Downtown

Venue Address: 120 South Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, California, 90012, USA

Price: $1,595.00 (Seminar for One Delegate)

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