Pickevent is ready for the world.

We launched alpha just four months ago and (finally) we’re launching beta.

Pickevent is the world’s first network connecting attendees, speakers and event organisers. We’re here to help you find events worth attending and connect with your community. Learn more.

Launch day has been a long time coming. We’ve been working on Pickevent since we first moved to London and had trouble finding events worth attending.

For beta we completely redesigned the platform, improved community connectivity and integrated our super-intelligent A.I. for event suggestions and so much more.

Our progress since alpha has been incredible; we’re so proud of Team Pickevent. Everyone has been working so hard to create the game-changing community Pickevent has become. We know that the team will continue to amaze us as we start the professional events revolution.

See you all at #picklaunch tonight!

Jose Bort and Jose Moliner
Pickevent Co-founders

P.s. Earlier this week we made a big change to the Pickevent community. It’s now much more exclusive for speakers and event organisers. They’ll have to request an invite to join the community. More info here.

If you would like more information email Team Pickevent at hello@pickevent.com.