An Important Change to Pickevent

The Important Change

This is a quick post to let everyone know about an important change to Pickevent and the reason for that change.

Since we moved into beta our community has been growing faster than ever. For this reason we will be making Pickevent much more exclusive for Speakers and Event Organisers.

From now on, new Speakers and Event Organisers wishing to join the Pickevent community will have to request an invitation to join the Pickevent community with a Speaker/Organiser account.

This change will not affect existing users, and professionals will not be restricted from joining the community as attendees.

This is another move towards what we hope will create the platform for picking events worth attending.

By filtering the list of influencers we hope to maintain the high standard of events that has already been set.

All the very best and welcome to the professional events revolution.

P.s. We love feedback! Let us know what you think at

Bill Franklin