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6:30 PM

The Power of Being YOU When Presenting

Rainmaking Loft, St Katharine's & Wapping, London E1W 1UN, UK

You are perfect NOW even though you will continue to IMPROVE forever! ...but do you really feel and live this? Who are you when stepping in front of a group doing a presentation or speech? Your idea of what a speaker should be and say? What speaker trainers taught you to be? A 'switched on' shell of confidence? We believe BEING YOU is the best thing you can do when speaking in public! Nobody does BEING YOU as well as you do. And it's you that INSPIRES & IMPACTS the audience in that moment! EXPERIENCE how to stand up and speak knowing that you're GOOD ENOUGH as you are and that where...


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6:45 AM

The Power of Words - Secrets used by Expert Speakers - Public Speaking Event

Central London, London, United Kingdom

Powerful words don't only keep your audience on the edge of their seats, they also help you to structure and memorise your presentation. Worried about what to say next? Never again!This evening is all about:Structure (memorise your content effortlessly with these power words)Audience Connection (what's in it for them - using words to keep their attention) & Words (how visual is your language)Have you ever heard people say 'he or she is so inspiring'! We don't think this is about being charming or smooth! We just know that if you become more conscious of the words...

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6:30 AM

PONY Express goes start-up at The Bakery, Silicon Roundabout

The Bakery at Silicon Roundabout, 25 City Road, London

The BAKERY at Silicon Roundabout bakes tech companies, brands and agencies together to take new technologies to the market at rocket speed.Situated in the heart of London’s Tech City and a short walk from Old Street - in collaboration with The Bakery, PONY Express will be offering the perfect recipe to make your pitching & speaking fun and impactful.PONY Express has been running pitching & speaking events since May 2011 and helped hundreds of people to fall in LOVE with being in front of an audience. Be prepared for a night of stage craft, improvisation & entrepreneurial...

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