The Power of Words - Secrets used by Expert Speakers - Public Speaking Event
Wednesday 18 June, 6:45 AM 2014 to 9:30 PM 2014
London, United Kingdom (View Map)

Powerful words don't only keep your audience on the edge of their seats, they also help you to structure and memorise your presentation. Worried about what to say next? Never again!

This evening is all about:
Structure (memorise your content effortlessly with these power words)

Audience Connection (what's in it for them - using words to keep their attention) 

& Words (how visual is your language)

Have you ever heard people say 'he or she is so inspiring'! We don't think this is about being charming or smooth! We just know that if you become more conscious of the words you use, and how they can help you in presentations, you will feel safer, more creative and the audience will literally be glued on every word you are saying.

You will learn how to:
>>> Use words as anquors in your presentation to remember your content
>>> Know where you are going so it becomes easy for your audience to follow
>>> Stop to waffle, ramble or getting lost in your words 
>>> Create a state of trust with saying the right things for immediate rapport
>>> Speak in their language to enter the conversation in their heads: What's in it for me? Why should I care?

About Sarah
Sarah Sansom is a Performance Coach, Facilitator, NLP Trainer and Theatre Producer. A creativity magnet with a passion for people development Sarah designs and delivers learning and development solutions for organisations across corporate and creative sectors and coaches people one-on-one on all kinds of issues including public speaking. 

Connect with Sarah on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/timewontwaitand for creative projects see: www.timewontwait.com or follow on Twitter: @Sansomtweets.

This night is for you if:
o You enjoy learning the best public speaking tools, increasing both confidence and results.
o You love connecting with a range of individuals in a friendly and fun environment.
o You think there is another level to your comfort zone.

Doors open at 6.30 pm - event starts at 7 pm sharp.

The night includes:
o Words of Power theme presentation by Sarah Sansom.
o Fun exercises, allowing you to connect with other. 
o Feedback from professional speakers.

PONY Express runs monthly Speakers Club nights, a Beginners Series, a One-Day Intensive and a 12-month Programme. If you have a bigger vision for yourself or running your own business already then come along and learn how to take your speaking & confidence to the next level.

*** Theme presentation
*** Prepared speeches
*** Group work
*** Impromptu speaking
*** Speaker modelling
*** Event plugs
& feedback from a panel of Professional Speakers.

There is no requirement to speak but some group work exercises.

Drinks, hay and networking at the end of the night.

We always have new people attending - it can get very busy, please ask us how to get the most out of your evening.

Looking forward seeing you all!

Your PONY Express Team: Elliot, Emily Annik & Little Pony x

For more details contact annik@ponyexpressclub.com.


Central London
London, United Kingdom (View Map)
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Venue is Impact Hub Westminster - http://westminster.impacthub.net. Address: 1st floor, New Zealand House, 80 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4TE See you there - All the Best, Annik

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