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Excellent and very interactive tutorial, Highly recommended ! Here's my promise to you: if you learn these 5 functions your code will become shorter, more self-descriptive, and more durable. Also, for reasons that might not be obvious right now, you'll learn that... Read more
Our aim is to bring all #EventProfs and #EventTech together and...

Come and meet cool event technologies for payment an registration. We will enjoy several short demos and presentations tackling the top issues and learning some tips to increase ROI. ?? After the presentations, we will open a Q&A; will all the experts and,... Read more
Software developer

  Good article by ECMAScript 6 in 2ality The JavaScript call stack The browser event loop Timers Displaying DOM changes Run-to-completion semantics Blocking the event loop Avoiding blocking Receiving... Read more
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Ivan garcía villar
Maybe for me angular js is the most intutitive but for lage projects i prefer backbone.js.