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8:45 AMThursday - January 30, 2014
Executive Seminar
"What did you say your name was again?"
Learn to remember names, facts, key points in a presentation - without notes - and more. Improve your recall ability for business as well as your personal life. You were born with a perfect memory. Learn to use it effectively.

Public-speaking and communications skills
Ten of the most important techniques in public-speaking. How to hold and audience and get a message across. How well do you listen? Do you find your mind wandering when others are talking to you? Learn how to become more self-aware.

Time and self-management
With PDAs, 'smart' mobiles, e-mail and v-mail, we really should all be excellent time-managers. Re-discover the basics as well as essential techniques for using technology to greater effect. Use the 80-20 principle to identify your priorities.

Leadership and motivation
Do other people have the same work ethic as you? Do they perform the job as well as you would? Explore time-tested principles in a contemporary context to build respect, relationships and performance. Learn effective ways to work with
those with differing attitudes.
Stress control
What effects are work-related stresses and worries having outside and vice-versa? Stress and worry affect more than just the person who has it. Learn how to lower negative stress and utilise practical ideas in eliminating or reducing worry. Turn stress and worry into positive energy.
86-90 Park Lane, London
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