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7:00 PMTuesday - January 21, 2014
Entrepeneurs London: Networking + 30 Seconds Promotion for Everyone

Entrepreneurs London


With over 1800 members - " Entrepreneurs London" is the ultimate networking and learning opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners in and around London & the UK. The group has been active since 2008.

Our objective is to help the following groups:

  • anyone considering starting a business (pre startups);
  • anyone interested in building a business (startups);
  • anyone looking to scale a business;
  • anyone seeking funding (Angel, Venture Capital);
  • anyone interested in networking;

We are a networking group that fosters exchange of knowledge and the building of successful new business partnerships for business professionals, investors and like-minded entrepreneurs.

We cover all business sectors, so our members continually make valuable connections at our events!

At our networking events we give our members a 30 seconds elevator pitch to introduce themselves and their business (for up to 10 individuals). If you have a product or services to offer to a wide range of people/our members and wish to speak at our events (regarding your businesses), please contact us.

We also organise training, mentoring and round table business lunches, dinner parties/events with special networking opportunities for members to discuss products, services or offers that benefits the group.

Our events provide you and your business in-depth knowledge and opportunities. We encourage our members to attend our events and actively engage in helping others.

Sponsors are always welcomed.

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2-3 Old Change Court St. Paul's, EC4M 8EN, London
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