IMAGICLE - Cisco (Collaboration Tools) (ENG)
Monday 16 June, 10:00 AM 2014 to 11:00 AM 2014

• Attendant Console: The software solution operator console that simplifies and improves the management of incoming telephone traffic.

• Speedy Directory &Caller; ID: Centralize and synchronize business contacts to provide quick search, one click call, and incoming caller ID to your phone.

• Fax Server IP: Server solution based entirely on IP Fax software, which increases savings and productivity.

• Call Accounting & Analytics: The most advanced and easy to use to monitor and analyze telephone traffic for Cisco UC solutions.

• Skype Audio-Video Input: Allows users to easily connect to the Cisco UC Skype, video endpoints and telepresence environments.

• Gadgets for Jabber: Further enhance the Cisco Jabber, integrating Imagicle Jabber applications directly on the desktop.

• Mobile APPs: Access the Imagicle applications anywhere from your tablet / smartphone. Available in AppStore and Google Play

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June 2014
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