Thursday 3 July, 9:00 AM 2014 to 5:00 PM 2014
Lime Wharf, , United Kingdom, E2 9DJ (View Map)

“This course is for everybody who needs to understand the digital world better.”

Title: ‘CodeMaker’
Upcoming Dates: 3rd July and on request
Running Time: 9.30am to 5pm
Cost: £550 + Booking Fee 

**Please note if you would like to attend the course but cannot make any of the dates listed above please get in touch with us on hello@minibarlabs.com**


The CodeMaker one day course is designed to enable a deeper understanding of how digital products are built and how they function by learning the fundamentals of coding and web architecture. In short: after the day you will leave much more digitally enlightened and much better prepared to make your digital projects a success.

Participants are introduced in a highly interactive way to the core technologies that drive the internet and mobile apps, increasing their comprehension and expanding their tech vocabulary so that they can communicate more clearly with software developers, better scope out projects and make more informed choices when commissioning.
The course held in the swish surrounds of Lime Wharf. Attendees have included people working in tech companies and start ups, law firms as well as senior marketeers from Adidas, BBC Worldwide, Diageo, Money Supermarket, Mr and Ms Smith, Haymarket, Phillip Morris, Mother, Face and many of London’s leading agencies as well as others who want to manage their digital project better.


Course content:

  • Learn programming principles and get into the mind of a developer by making code
  • Mix & Mash your favorite websites
  • A lesson in tech jargon – from API’s, OS, to Python, Ruby and MySql
  • How the modern web works – the technologies behind Twitter, Facebook and Google
  • How computing and the internet evolved and how they work
  • How to make beautiful web sites with HTML and CSS
  • JavaSript and JQuery
  • Make your own web app (intro to Agile principles)
  • 101 on planning and communicating software projects


The cost is £550 per person and the course is limited to 12 attendees. To inquire about availability and corporate bookings please email us at hello@minibarlabs.com or register below.


Your coaches

Peter Brownell aka Greenman

An experienced software developer passionate about teaching others how to hack and play with computers. He set up the Open Source Drupal user group for the UK, is the founder and CTO of CodePositive, is the man behind ‘DorkBot London’ and he loves doing geeky things based on 0’s and 1’s.

Tim Diggins

Tim leads Red56, a boutique software company. Tim has 20 years experience as a lead developer, CTO and consultant on technical development. He has both worked on large scale software projects and start ups. He specializes in agile coaching and high end, bespoke UX design. Tim also holds an MA in Modern Greek Poetry from Oxford, so if you want to chat about how Prometheus brought technology to humanity you can have these discussions in your lunchbreak.



Codemaker helps you have better conversations with your developers. It’s a really practical day that helps you understand digital products from their perspective. That’s vital for anyone developing a digital business or extending their business via mobile or the web
Simon Hutson – SVP BBC Worldwide


CodeMaker teaches essential digital skills in day that are critical (…) when you look to recruit a marketer you want to have people with that competency.
Matthew Barwell – director of marketing and innovation Diageo

Lime Wharf, , United Kingdom, E2 9DJ (View Map)
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