Feeling 'lost in translation' during the interview process?

This is a past event
GOOGLE CAMPUS LONDON, 4-5 Bonhill St, London EC2A 4BX, United Kingdom
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Are you from abroad living in London? Looking for a job and feeling 'lost in translation' during the interview process?

Workshops will bring experts in career and internships to help people from others countries looking for experience in their industries. Internwise, Interviewcorp and Room in the Moon will be speaking about how to deal with culture shock at work, how to market and sell yourself, and how to feel at home in your new country.

The workshop will cover 2 areas: Emotional and Professional. During two hours, professionals from the recruitment area will talk about opportunities.

Shamin Iqbal, International leader in Headhunting Recruitment and Training and founder and CEO of Interviewcorp, will talk about how to market and sell yourself in your industry, and how to learn how to cultivate opportunities, focusing and defining a sector. Also, he will discuss how to sett appropriate goals. A winning formula that will prepare people to stand out in a crowded and competitive market will close the first speech.

The second speaker, Nuno Dhiren, founder of Internwise, will be talking about Internships and how to make the most of the opportunity, what employers analyse when reading candidate applications, and launching his ebook promotion.

Organised by roominthemoon.com, a community website that connects people moving abroad, Room in the Moon focuses on helping those living abroad to find accommodation and friends in other countries. Rafael dos Santos, founder of the startup, will talk about cultural shock, loneliness and the 5 steps everyone feels when they move to another country. How to feel at home abroad, making friends and dealing with homesickness to be able to live a better life, focusing on opportunities.


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