5 Networking Tips From A Controversial Source


Standing in a roomful of strangers, palms sweating, desperate to make an impression.

It’s a description that fits most networking events, but also, speed dating. With this in mind, we’ve collected 5 fantastic tips from the world of speed dating, that will help you make an impression at your next networking session.

1. Talk to people before it starts

Don’t see the networking session as your only opportunity to speak to people! Get to the room early and chat with those around you before the speaker begins. It’s a great way to keep ahead of the curve and make sure you can maximise your networking time.

2. Dress to impress

Make the right impression; turning up to a professional finance event in ragged jeans and a t-shirt will leave the wrong impression. Make sure the clothes you wear represent you as a professional; being slightly more relaxed than usual can work, but don’t turn up in your weekend gear.

3. Gage the Reaction

No one is asking you to be an expert in body language, but try and pick up on signals when you’re talking to someone. Have they got their arms crossed? Do they look disinterested? Monitor their tone, and make sure that you move on to brighter pastures before you start boring them!

4. Have Stock Questions Ready

Awkward silences are uncomfortable for everyone. This article from the Entrepreneur can help you work out some interesting follow up questions for when you’re discussing business in a networking situation.

5. After the Event, Expect Rejection

So you’ve got a handful of business cards, and you’re desperate to start contacting your new business connections. Don’t be surprised if some of the people you contact never get back to you. Don’t let it put you off! It’s a numbers game, so expect some people not to reply, and keep attending events. Eventually, your hard work will pay off!

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