5 Articles to Help You Network Phenomenally


You’re at an event, surrounded by the biggest players in your industry.

From the CEO you admire to startup-friendly investors to brilliant up-and-coming developers, everyone you could possibly hope to meet for your business is in the room with you right now.

Yet you’re stood in the corner of the room, paralysed with fear, stuck talking to the one guy in the room that won’t help your business.

How did you end up here? And, more importantly, how can you prevent it happening again? We’ve found 5 articles to really help you improve your networking skills.

How to make the most of networking

This article from the Guardian is the perfect how-to guide. If you’re new to business networking, or want to refresh your skills, have a quick read!

The secret to successful networking is a four letter word

We won’t give it away, but this article at Forbes will tell you the most important thing about business networking. It also comes with some handy tips on getting the most out of your next networking encounter.

10 essential networking strategies

Linda Cattelan here outlines 10 of the most essential parts of networking. Her short and informative tips can help you get the most from your next networking session.

How to break the ice when networking for business

The introduction is often the hardest part of networking. These tips from Entrepreneur magazine will help you with those first few tough lines.

15 rules for talking business over drinks

Most networking articles specialise in formal networking situations. This article from Entrepreneur Magazine shifts the focus to informal drinks, with advice specialised for that next informal meeting.

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Photo credit: Susan NYC via Compfight cc