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How It Works

Registration and Ticketing

Professional solution with public & private tickets, advance promo codes and data reporting. Enjoy our fabulous self-editbale widgets.

Event Website

Create public & private events. Also collect applications for Awards and Contests. A free slick one-page design for unlimited events and self-editable. Add your own templates.

Event App

All pickevent (website, profiles, networking and community areas) is fully responsive with any device. Currently developing a fully integrated app (IOS & Android) to get 100% of your attendees into the app.

Networking Area

Let attendees to know who is attending and why (they can always opt-out!). This increases sharing that leads to ticket sales and more visits per attendee that leads to higher revenues.


Engage your attendees and leverage your content after your events. Building your own communities bring endless new revenue stream opportunities (jobs, materials, ads)

Check-in App

Find out who is in the room and in each room to be able to send targeted push notifications during and after the event.


Collect relevant attendee data such as interests, without asking attendees to fill tedious forms, with our LinkedIn registration option. Import & export all data.

Pre & Post Surveys

Build your own automatic pre and post event surveys and collect all the data in a single file.


Import databases, send emails to past and/or current attendees as many times as you need and find out how many of them opened your communication.

Hear it From Other Organisers

Dale Carnegie Training

“An easy way to publish and promote all our programmes and open days. It helps to build our entire community.”

London Fusion

“Publishing and promoting our events is so simple now. Pickevent has helped us connect our entire community.”

Room In The Moon

“The perfect bridge to connect us with attendees and speakers. It also helps there is a Private Event option.”

All of these event professionals are already using Pickevent.