Any questions?

Someone tell you that they registered but they are not on the attendee list?

You can check it by:

  1. Attendee list on event dashboard, search first by Email Address and also try with one surname and only the first name to confirm the person is not there. If you can’t find the person is because is not registered.
  2. A person could try to registered and get rejected once tried to paid. Check the ticket list, if it says “Rejected” means that the person filled all registration process but the payment gateway didn’t not accept the payment so PickEvent did not generate the ticket so the person is not registered.
  3. Go to the Registration Process tab of the event to see if the person started the registration process and fell at any stage.

If the person tells you that they received a confirmation email but not the ticket, what they really received was the welcome email after creating their profile on the system but that is not a confirmation email for the event.

If you are the Admin user of the platform (in case of a white label client), then you can go to Admin-Users and search for that person and "log in as the user". You will probably see that the person is "attending" but if you go to the event website and mouse over their profile icon, if the "download ticket" option is not there, it's because they are not registered