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Advanced Analytics


  • See who is attending 
  • See their 1st LinkedIn connections on the community
  • See who visits your profile


Per event


  • Total registrations
  • Tickets sold
  • Tickets remaining
  • Attendee list (all information including interests and survey responses in a single report)
  • Download reports



  • Event page views
  • Average attendee visit
  • Event conversations
  • Event comments
  • Follows between users
  • Messages between users
  • Users’ searches from “Who’s attending” search button
  • Users’ views to other user’s profiles



  • Influencers & their shares by Email
  • Shares on facebook
  • Shares on Google+
  • Shares on Twitter
  • Shares on Linkedin


Sales opportunities

  • Attendees who visited your upcoming events (Number and their emails)
  • Visitors who didn’t register to any events (Number and their emails)


Per community

  • Community members
  • Community posts
  • Community publications
  • Unique visitors