Any questions?

Shall I create one or more communities? How to grow it?

1st Step: Create one generic community and assign it to all your events to increase it with members and content with every event

2nd Step: Publish unique content and share it through social media with the link to your community

3rd Step: Invite close members (called “power users”) to leave comments and start their own conversations. This is critical to set the tone of the conversation to make others feel more confident about how they should behave within the community

4th Step: When the community is bigger, create different categories of Forums and Blogs to make discussions more specific and engaging.

IMPORTANT: Every member will receive an automatic newsletter about what is new on your community every Thursday between 10:00 and 13:00. So we encourage you to add some content before that time.

We can also add new tabs such as Jobs, Materials and also add banners for your own or third parties products and services so you can easily monetise it.