Any questions?

What are my email options?



From “My Events” (all events dashboard, just above Upcoming events), you can:

1. “Promote event”: Easily copy/paste a list of emails from a csv file or similar, you will see a confirmation figure of the total number of emails to be sent.  The email description allows to upload images, edit text, it is just a matter of time to build an amazing communication. And why not, try just copy and paste an email template and see how it worked.


2. “Send messages to current and past attendees”: When you have few or lots of past and current events and you want to send an email to all your attendees without duplicating emails, use this option, they will only receive one email from you even though they attended several of your events.

3- Every event has a “Message” icon that you can use to send emails to registered attendees to that event. 

In terms of analytics, we tell you how many emails you have sent and how many have been opened. We are working on improving our emailing system, do not hesitate to contact us on with further requirements and timing.