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What is the Attendee User Journey?

1.- Ticket widget

2.- Social registration and profile building

3.- Select delegate category, if any

4.- Registration form, if any questions

5.- Confirm delegate ticket details, and guests if any

IMPORTANT: All fields here are always compulsory, so no need for asking for this information on the registration form.


6.- Payment confirmation page

7.- Payment by credit/debit card


The attendee will receive a welcome email with a link to download the ticket and an invoice if the invoicing solution was activated. 


IMPORTANT: Attendees do not receive a ticket when the event is free and there are no tickets. Attendees will receive a ticket when the event has free tickets.


Attendees can download their tickets anytime, purchase more tickets or cancel their attendance by just accessing the private event area.

Tickets come with a Bar code, a QR code, main event information (start and end times, venue, etc) and the person’s ticket details.


VERY IMPORTANT: If you would like the attendee see the buttons above on the screenshot (DOWNLOAD TICKET, ATTENDING, BUY MORE TICKETS), you need to add the “Basic Description” module.