Day 2: Presentation Skills 2 day course ATTEND
Day 2: Presentation Skills 2 day course
Thursday 3 July, 12:00 AM 2014 to 5:30 PM 2014
18 Clerkenwell Green, London, Gt Lon, EC1R 0DP (View Map)

The two day Presentation Skills enables participants to go deeper into presentation technique. We give all those who take part the chance to create or rebuild a recent presentation or one for the future.

The days provide the platform and space for you to really develop the craft of creating a powerful and compelling story. Whatever your aim this course will help you to really connect and engage with your audience to achieve your goal. Our job is to help you give a presentation that matters and makes a difference. course is designed to give you all you need to present with confidence, purpose and impact. It allows you to see and experience for yourself how you present, what works for you and how you can greatly enhance your presentation skills.

We design and deliver Presentation skills training courses for business people at all levels and all industries, from senior executives to first line management. If you have a message to communicate and need to get customers, colleagues, investors, stakeholders or staff on side then we can build a course just for you. Read the full course overview at our site here

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Wallacespace, Clerkenwell
18 Clerkenwell Green, London, Gt Lon, EC1R 0DP (View Map)

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