Managing Advanced Research & Development - 2-day Comprehensive Workshop

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This webinar will cover issues concerning industrial / scientific labs describing the differences between manufacturing and scientific labs.

It will also discuss how management relates to the labs and the types of products they produce.

It will describe how the types and productivity of the labs will fare in the coming age of technology, artificial intelligence and autonomy varies.

Describe how one does a cold start, starting a lab from nothing.

Advanced research and Labs overlap but they are not quite the same thing.

How your Lab Advanced Research people will relate to researchers within the U.S. and Internationally.

Teaming with other Labs Research organizations.

How do research projects get formed?

Who decides what topics are the most important nationally?

How do the National Academes / National Research Councils, National Labs, Military Labs, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), NASA, University Space Research Associations and universities work together to accomplish research?

What is the difference between pure and applied research.

Which one is more profitable in the long run?

What should be the funding ratio between the two?

How does Advanced Engineering relate to regular Engineering and Software Tools?

What are the indications that an advanced engineering / Research organization is performing sub optimally?

What does disruptive technology mean to managers, researchers, favored researchers.

Who does the project prioritizing, funding?

That does their final listing mean?

What are source evaluation and selection boards? How is maximum research productivity achieved?

What is the purpose of the Lab? What should you expect from your researchers?

What is a backlog?

Is the current state of technology ready for another push?

What are the current research opportunities?

What tools will your researchers need and how do you access them?

How do you keep your researchers up to speed technically?

Why should you attend:

Reasons you should attend:

  1. Your company intends to enter advanced research in an effort to increase its backlog of future work in areas of profitable products
  2. What kind of structure would be managed by the lab,
  3. What kind of people would make good managers, bad managers,
  4. What kind of people would make good staff members, what should you expect from them, what would they produce, what should be there production rate?,
  5. Is this a manufacturing, engineering or scientific task,
  6. How does the lab interface to regular engineering, manufacturing?
  7. How do you handle intellectual property?
  8. How do you make the lab more effective, less effective?
  9. Do all labs become successful?
  10. How should labs be evaluated cost wise?
  11. What kind of autonomy should researchers have?,
  12. Who selects the projects to be developed?,
  13. What fraction of the projects should be of immediate benefit, intermediate benefit and far term benefit?
  14. How do you review lab progress?,
  15. When starting up a new lab, how do you gradually increase its competency / skill?,
  16. What happens if lab researchers are subject to manufacturing engineering management?
  17. What are the qualities of a good manufacturing manager?
  18. Can advanced researchers manage a manufacturing organization?
  19. What are metrics?

Who Will Benefit:

  • CEOs
  • COOs
  • Board Members
  • VP Marketing
  • VP Engineering
  • VP Manufacturing
  • Director Advanced Research
  • Lab Directors


Day One

Lecture 1: Advanced Research & Development Labs:

  • Why Do It?
  • How Do You Implement Them?
  • How Do You Manage Them?
  • Where Do You Get The Staff?
  • How Do You Manage Costs?
  • How Do You Profit From The Lab?
  • How Do You Evaluate The Performance Of The Lab?

Day Two

Lecture 2: Advanced Research & Development Labs:

  • What Do Day To Day Operations Look Like?
  • How Do You Select Projects?
  • More On Management
  • What About Metrics?
  • What Kinds Of Personalities Are Required?
  • How Do You Transition Products From The Lab?
  • How Do You Get Research Ideas That Benefit The Company Into The Lab?
  • How Do You Control The Interface Between The Lab And The Rest f The Company?
  • What Is The Optimum Outcome?

Quick Contact:

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 Fax: 302-288-6884

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