Thanksgiving Real Estate Expo - Giving Thanks, Giving Back.

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Join Investors from Around the Country as We Host Our


Our Special Los Angeles Expo 

Celebrates Our

Brand NEW Issues

We are requesting donations and canned food items to

be distributed to Tina Russek from the Los Angeles Mission.

Please also see the items that are also urgently needed below.*

Thank you for your assistance and generosity.


Join Us in West Los Angeles

at the Olympic Collection

 Saturday, Nov. 15th - 9 am to 5 pm

 Receive Our NEW Publications

Meet Local Leaders + National Educators


Inside this FREE EXPO the BIGGEST NAMES in our Industry will share secrets to help YOU take your business (and life) to a Whole NEW Level.

  * Mingle With Vendors, Learn from Master RE Investors,

 Meet Like-Minded Successful People & Leaders in the Industry *

 Find your next business partner or private lender here - Just as so many have before. Realty411 events Connect Leaders in the Industry.



The Biggest Names are Joining Us, Such As:

Stephen Hall

CEO of Robert Hall & Associates

Stephen Hall is the second generation president of the family tax consulting firm. Stephen Hall is an Enrolled Agent which is a federally licensed tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation. He is empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers for audits, collections and appeals before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service.

Stephen Hall can advise, represent, and prepare tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts and any other entity with tax-reporting requirements. He received his bachelor’s degree in Finance from USC, and shortly after was  brought on board to the family business.

He is recognized as a FELLOW by the National Association of Enrolled Agents. He is also a member of the Advanced Center for Community Resources & Development, the National Tax Practice Institute, the California Association of Enrolled Agents, along with numerous other organizations.

This is a great opportunity to start planning for the end of the year and learn money-saving strategies that you may not know about.


Co-Hosted by Anthony Patrick

Managing Partner · Lives in Rancho Cucamonga, California
New Harvest Ventures is So Cal's leader in Real Estate Investments,Property Management, and Education for Real Estate Investors.

Anthony & His Lovely Wife, Mindy!

Plus Joining Us from Oregon

Caeli Ridge
President of Ridge Lending Group
Ridge Lending Group (RLG) is a second generation company specializing in residential and investment property financing.

Ridge Lending Group focuses primarily on the education of their clients and real estate investments nationwide. Caeli Ridge has been working as a lender and personal real estate investor for over 15 years.

Her experience as an investor provides a unique perspective that she enthusiastically shares with her clients in supporting their goals to financial freedom.

Plus Joining Us from Malibu:
CEO of Real Wealth Network

Kathy is an active real estate investor, licensed Realtor, certified coach, and former mortgage broker. She specializes in helping people build multi-million dollar real estate portfolios through creative finance and planning. With a passion for researching and sharing the most important facts on real estate and economics, Kathy is a frequent guest expert on such media as CNN, CNBC, Fox News, NPR, CBS MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal.

She also hosts The Real Wealth Show which is a featured podcast on iTunes with listeners in 27 different countries.

Kathy received her BA in Broadcast Communications from San Francisco State University and worked in the newsrooms of CNN, FOX, CTV and ABC-7. She’s past-president of American Women in Radio & Television.

Real Wealth Network - Kathy Fettke on CNBC

Kathy became a certified personal coach through the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California. In 2001, she took the coaching process to television and produced a cable show called “DREAM” which followed the process of 6 people going after their dreams over 90 days.

Kathy noticed a theme on her Dream coaching show: most people didn’t have time for their dreams when they are spending all their time at work to make money to pay the bills. Her show sponsor was a real estate expert and the segments they produced changed her life. After interviewing dozens of real estate millionaires, Kathy discovered their best strategies for creating passive income streams.

She and her husband bought numerous investment properties and since then learned the highs and lows of investing that can only come from hands-on experience. She is passionate about learning more and sharing that information with the members of Real Wealth Network and the listeners of The Real Wealth Show. Kathy loves the freedom that real estate investing can bring.

She is an avid traveler and enjoys hiking, rock climbing, skiing, figure skating and surfing. She lives in Malibu with her husband and their two daughters.

Confused about Your Credit Score?

Learn Tips on How to Raise Your Score.
Become Educated on the Credit Rating System.



  Get Your Own 800+ Credit Score

with Merrill Chandler, Founder of Credit Sense!
Learn how to optimize your credit and raise your credit score 45 points in 45 days while getting on the path to a Tier 1 or even 800+ credit score.

Learn how to raise your credit score 45 points in 45 days! Do you know what opportunities come with an 800+ credit score? THE CREDIT SENSE DIFFERENCE. CreditSense tackles the 800 pound gorilla of the credit system by helping consumers and business professionals to achieve Tier 1 or even 800+ credit scores. CreditSense offers powerful, proven strategies to not only recover lost points due to bad credit, but to optimize our clients' credit profiles so that every piece of data measured by FICO scoring software produces the maximum number of credit score points for them. In this presentation Merrill will show you how to optimize your credit and get you on the path to a Tier 1 or even 800+ credit score.
About Credit Sense:

Every credit repair company in the country does the same thing. They send a letter to the credit bureaus that says the problem account is not yours, or not actually late. They have no proof or research behind what they say, kind of like pointing your finger in the dark. They give you a SINGLE POINT of credit inspection.

And what if you don't have bad credit but you still want a higher score?

At CreditSense we do things different. We know that there is a perfect credit profile that always delivers an 800+ credit score. (round hole) Your credit profile is probably NOT perfect (square peg). We bring your credit profile into alignment with that perfect profile. The result: YOU get a Tier 1 or even an 800+ credit score—guaranteed!

How do we do it? Instead of a one-point inspection, we do a 40-point inspection of every facet of your credit profile looking for factual errors, inconsistencies, and drags on your score—and we fix and optimize them! CreditSense does REAL research and checks what is dragging your score down, then has your creditors and the bureaus correct them. 

This means more credit score points for you.

INCONSISTENCIES in credit reporting — Score goes down.
TOO MANY credit cards — Score goes down
TOO FEW credit cards — Score goes down.
WRONG TYPES of credit cards — Score goes down.
TOO HIGH balances — Score goes down.
TOO LOW balances  — Score goes down.
TOO MANY loans  — Score goes down.
TOO FEW loans  — Score goes down.
WRONG TYPES of loans  — Score goes down.
TOO MANY inquiries  — Score goes down.
TOO MANY versions of your name, address, or employment  — Score goes down. 

Is there any wonder why your score is lower than you want?

CreditSense helps you make sense of your credit. We know the rules of a high credit score and help you maximize your points—and your credit approvals. CreditSense 'optimizes' your credit profile so that it fits that perfect 800+ credit profile.  We work hard so all you hear from lenders is, YES!

That’s the CreditSense difference. Join the 8 steps to 800+ program today and get your very own new credit score!

About Merrill:

Mr. Merrill Chandler, the founder and Chief Strategist at CreditSense, grew up in Northern California. He started early as an entrepreneur and his business successes funded his attendance at Sacramento State University where he acquired his Bachelor of Arts degree in Ancient History.
After graduating, he was hired to implement the recently developed desktop publishing technology in a franchise of copy stores known as CopyMat. He later sold his interest in that company and moved to Utah, and with a friend founded Lexington Law Firm, which to date has become the largest credit repair organization in the country. It was at Lexington where he became dissatisfied with the limited success of credit repair.
Seeing that consumers and borrowers were more interested in improving their credit scores instead of just deleting a few negative accounts, he founded CreditSense. Mr. Chandler used his extensive knowledge of credit reporting and credit profiling to single-handedly develop a credit optimization process that could create Tier 1 and even 800+ credit scores. For over 15 years he has been dominating the credit score optimization marketplace with his mission of helping people.
Mr. Chandler is a compelling and knowledgeable keynote speaker and has addressed real estate investment conferences and business forums around the country where he has delivered his popular credit-empowerment forum, “45 Credit Score Points in 45 Days.” He also provides information on his blog on and provides powerful and informative videos on his channel at
Mr. Chandler works hard at helping others and has even assisted one of his three adult children in getting a perfect credit profile and a 785 credit score after she turned 18 years old. He advises and assists real estate investors, business owners, entrepreneurs, and well-informed consumers nation-wide to create resilient Tier 1, and even 800+ credit scores.

National Educator Andrew Cordle

Founder of the REI Academy & published author!

Andrew teaches all over the United States at real estate clubs, conferences, and events. His company educates students in creating change, capital, and cash flow. His teaching helps people create profitable, sustainable income generating properties with residential real estate investments.

REI Academy is a real estate education company that specializes in the teaching of principles to establish cash flow and create a lifestyle of personal fulfillment. 

Andrew speaks at real estate conferences and events all over the United States. His teachings and programs educate and empower both beginners and seasoned real estate investors in running successful, sustainable lives and businesses. 

Andrew and his wife, Rebecca, were featured in CashFlow Express

Andrew is now featured on the cover of Real Estate WEALTH,

our alternate Realty411 magazine cover.





Attention friends of Realty411:




The Los Angeles Mission provides services for the most needy in our City of Angeles. The people they serve every day, do not have access to hygiene products and toiletries, unless they supply them. For this reason a constant and abundant supply of these are required at the Mission. Without your help, they must purchase these products. Consider also sponsoring a hygiene drive among your ssociates to assist us in meeting this need. Please contact Tina Russek at (213) 629-1227 ext. 437 for questions or for more information.


or if you cannot attend this event, we ask that you make a direct donation:

Los Angeles Mission – Donation Drop Off
316 Winston Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

The following is a list of our current gift-in-kind needs:

Personal Care Items

- Nail Clippers - Lip Balm - Deodorant/antiperspirant - Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
- Mouthwash - Razors - Body Wash - Diapers size 3, 4, 5, 6
- Conditioner - Hair gel/grease - Hair Brushes - Formula
- Shampoo

Serving 3 meals a day, every day, means that The Los Angeles Mission goes through an enormous amount of food. Food donations do not even begin to make a dent in what they need -- to provide 1,800 meals a day!



Your Hostess is Linda Pliagas

Founder of Realty411


 (Linda Pliagas photographed with top real estate educator Larry Goins at Realty411's L.A. expo)

 Hosted by Linda Pliagas, founder of Realty411

Hello, I have been publishing Realty411 since 2007. I am an investor and real estate agent. My husband and I also own HRS Clocks & Watches, a clock/watch shop is Solvang, CA, catering to antique clock collectors and high-end watch aficionados. Real Estate has changed my life forever, and I am EXCITED to share this special weekend with you!!

Many of you already know that my parents lost their home to foreclosure in Los Banos when I was 15, and that I worked as a waitress in a restaurant in Marina del Rey to pay for my own college education. Being able to host these events now is a joy because my mission is to motivate people to realize their goals.


 * Please Join Us to Celebrate Our New Issue, Thanks! * 



REMEMBER: Your Net Worth is Directly Equal to Your Network. At this Event You Will Surround Yourself with Successful People Who Really OWN Real Estate

Brings Tons of Business Cards!

Get Ready for SERIOUS Networking!!


My Credentials in Real Estate, Media & Business: 

 * Bachelor of Art's Degree in Journalism, Cal State Long Beach

 * Licensed Real Estate Agent for 11 Years +

* Landlord for 20 years / Investor / Have been a Landlord in 5 States 

* My mission is to advance real estate education & inspire ordinary Americans to invest in real estate for a more secure retirment. 

 * I have worked in media since the age of 25

Mingle With Top Companies, Meet New People, Say Hello to Our Magazine Staff * Learn From the Masters * Free Community Event



It's Time to Make 2014 YOUR YEAR!

Learn From Active Investors, Private Lenders & More..


 Come CELEBRATE Our New Issue...


 * Learn to Create Passive Income in


focusing on Cashflow and Appreciation


 * Find HOT Markets in CA & Other Key Markets


* Meet Turn-key Providers & Property Managers


* Learn Techniques from TOP Investors in the Nation







Disclosure and Information - Attention All Attendees:
The events, expos and mixers promoted by, and/or their owners, employees agents and affiliates (collectively "411") are for informational and entertainment purposes ONLY. The information and presentations provided therein do not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities or real estate. Please be aware that real estate investing is VERY RISKY. 411 is not responsible for any of the information provided and/or statistical data presented, and 411 does not represent that any information or opinions expressed and data provided reflect the opinions, advice and research of the vendors, speakers, sponsors guests who are in attendance at the events, and do not reflect the opinions, advice or research of 411. By attending 411 events you acknowledge that the investment strategies mentioned may not be suitable for you, that any real estate investment is inherently risky, that all investments are subject to risks which could result in the entire loss of your investment, and that 411 is not responsible for any losses or outcome of any investment made by you from or after 411 events, or as a result of contacts made at these events. You personally are 100% responsible for your due diligence, for all investment information and for all decisions with respect to any potential investment or transaction. 411 does not endorse, and has not performed due diligence on, any of the vendors, speakers, sponsors, companies and guests who appear at our events. The information presented at any 411 event related to any potential real estate investment is general in nature and does not constitute legal, tax or investment advice. 411 strongly recommends that you seek the advice of your trusted attorney, broker, CPA and/or financial adviser before taking action as an investor. To contact us, please call (310) 499-9545.

**These results are not typical and should not be attempted by novice investors. Please remember real estate, and all investing, is risky by nature and may result in the entire loss of your principal investment.
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