Day 1: "Vuong 10" Professional Dance Workshop
Wednesday 13 August, 5:30 PM 2014 to 11:45 PM 2014
9 Giffin St, London, England, SE8 (View Map)

"Vuong 10" Contemporary Dance Workshop and Performance 13-15 August 2014

hosted by Into / Out Of at The Deptford Lounge 

Choreographers Nina Kov (Place Prize 2012) and Catarina Carvalho (Wayne McGregor | Random Dance) lead a 3-day intensive professional development workshop drawing on their co-creation of "Vuong 10", which looks at the resilience of touch in the digital age.

Sharing their unique approach to creation, Kov and Carvalho will guide participants through key methods and ideas related to the collaborative process, which have helped many dancers gain strong devising and performing skills.

Each day will start with a short technical class followed by a creative session, centered around the development of the following ideas:

  • Sensorial exploration of the body
  • Improvisation as instant composition and developing performing skills
  • Sharing intimacy with the viewer and performing in public spaces

Throughout the 3 days, guided by the choreographers, participants will devise a solo and will have the option to perform it during a filmed public performance at The Deptford Lounge on the 15th of August. Each participant will receive a filmed copy of his or her solo, included in the course price.

Both professional dancers and advance dance students are welcome.

13-15 August 2014 from 5.30pm to 9pm each day.

(Total learning time: 11 hours)

About Into/Out Of

Developing a platform for dance with The Deptford Lounge in South East London through an exchange of space and support for skills. Bringing making and performance into & out of spaces, engaging people and place.

To be informed, involved or submit a proposal please contact:

Deptford Lounge
9 Giffin St, London, England, SE8 (View Map)
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