Day 3: 7th Annual Meeting of the European CME Forum
Friday 14 November, 12:00 AM 2014 to 4:30 PM 2014
4-18 Harrington Gardens, London, , SW7 4LH (View Map)

This event grows on the successes of the previous meetings; bringing together the key stakeholders in European CME to discuss the current status, latest developments and future outlook of CME in Europe.

DATES: 12-14 November 2014

VENUE: Millennium Gloucester Hotel & Conference Centre, London

Following the experiences of recent years and in particular the recent feedback we have received, we will be focussing on the practical applications of CME in Europe, illustrating this with examples of programmes carried out in Europe.

  • How is a European CME programme put together? What should it look like?
  • Are European CME regulations becoming more or less complicated?
  • What role is the profession playing in European CME?
  • Who should be involved?
  • How does CME affect clinical practice?
  • What does industry want in return for supporting CME programmes?
  • What guidance is there for providers and how can they work more effectively in Europe?
  • What are the concerns about commercial companies being involved in CME?


 We will be addressing these and other questions at the 7th Annual meeting of the European CME Forum in London this November.


We look forward to seeing you in London for what promises to be our biggest and best event yet!!


Eugene Pozniak, Managing Director of Siyemi Learning and
Programme Director, European CME Forum

Millennium Gloucester Hotel
4-18 Harrington Gardens, London, , SW7 4LH (View Map)
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