The 7 habits of highly effective decision makers with Professor Simon Gifford

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IE UK OFFICE, 96 Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 4SG, UK
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Making decisions is a critical skill in business and life and taking tough, strategic decisions is never easy. Although left-brain dominated business people like to think they can reach the right decision through number-crunching, technology-driven analyses and brilliant judgement, it is never that easy. We live in an increasingly complex and connected world that makes it almost impossible to see the entire picture. Furthermore, behavioural economics is showing us how non-rational we often are either as individuals or in groups.

However, we can improve our competencies in this area by learning proven techniques and adapting a number of “habits” that help us to overcome some of the pitfalls. Join Professor Simon Gifford at our next Master Class to learn more about these 7 habits!

Speaker: Simon Gifford
Simon Gifford runs Genesis Management Consulting, which is focussed on supporting organisations in taking strategic decisions. As a strategy consultant with more than 25 years experience with the likes of Braxton Associates and a decade as a partner at Deloitte, he has deep experience in this science (and sometimes dark art!). He lectures on strategic decision making and other strategy courses at IE Business School in Madrid and has researched and written a number of articles on the topic.

Simon is also a co/founder of Mashauri, a global online accelerator for startups and so you can be sure that the tools and techniques he teaches are relevant across a range of different sized businesses.

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