Saturday 5 July, 10:00 AM 2014 to 6:00 PM 2014
Luisenstraße, Berlin, Berlin, Online (View Map)

Today one of the most vital skills to be successful in life is your ability to know how to get the most out of communication and do it efficiently, to understand what people need and provide the solution for them. This 8 hour workshop will show you new ways how to amplify your contacts, new techniques to sell and how to make even the shortest communication efficient

Inputs - Main topics:

Finding out new information about your contacts
Making your own sales pitch
Tips for efficient networking
Why & How to use right questions?
Long term relationship with people
Tips for improving your body language
Personality types and their characteristics
And more.

There will be four practical tasks - learn how to apply new knowledge during the training.

Outputs - Your benefits:

New approach to sales
Techniques for landing the deal
Understanding personality types
New contacts, networking
New methods of communication
Possibility to break your limitations

So if You want to become better and change your views about sales & communication forever, sign up now!

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