An Introduction to Business Valuation ATTEND
An Introduction to Business Valuation
Wednesday 21 May, 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM
16 Acton Street London WC1X 9NG (View Map)

A workshop to provide participants with an introduction to financial modelling. Participants will work together to produce a simple valuation model that they can apply to their own growing businesses.

Note: This event is a second workshop of the C4CC event series and is a follow-up to the workshop that takes place 7th May 2014. If you would like to attend the second event only, please state this in your email when registering in advance in order to receive preparatory materials.

The Workshop will:

  • Introduce an outline structure that can be used as the foundation for financial model;
  • Develop thinking around model mechanics and presentation;
  • Enable you to work in groups to produce effective “baseline” valuation models;
  • Suggest good practice in terms of on-going quality control and “housekeeping”.


At the end of this workshop you should have a good understanding of how to think about and develop a simple business valuation model.


This is a fully funded programme for established eligible SMEs. For further information, to check eligibility and to register please contact:

Tel: 07957 763816


16 Acton Street London WC1X 9NG (View Map)
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