Doing Business in Brazil
Wednesday 1 October, 10:00 AM 2014 to 5:00 PM 2014
Mitre House, London, London, EC3A 5BU (View Map)

As one of the BRIC countries, Brazil has experienced phenomenal growth over the last decade. Driven in large by its immense natural resources, this growth has seen Brazil firmly establish itself as a world economic power. As hosts to the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, all eyes will be on Brazil as it gears up to welcome the world. There are immense opportunities for organisations across all sectors who wish to do business with Brazil and benefit from this dynamic market. The challenges of investing and doing business in Brazil should not be underestimated however, as Brazilians bring different cultural attitudes and values to business. Understanding and preparing for these differences is key to ensuring longterm success in Brazil. ‘Doing Business in Brazil’ has been developed specifically to assist you and your organisation to be more effective when doing business with Brazilians by offering you valuable strategies for successful communication and an increased awareness of the cultural variables that influence working practices, communication and relationships in Brazil.



This programme provides you with:

  •  A framework for understanding Brazilian business culture
  • An understanding of cultural values and behaviours prevalent in Brazil
  • Greater awareness of potential issues involved in establishing a business in Brazil
  • Practical strategies for working more effectively with Brazilian counterparts


Who should attend?

Anyone considering or already:

  •  Doing business with Brazil
  • Travelling regularly to Brazil
  • Investing in or setting up a new subsidiary in Brazil
  • Experiencing the challenges of working in Brazil
  • Employing Brazilian nationals within their organisation


Programme content

  • Understanding Brazil and the Brazilians: historical perspective, geography, economy, people and society
  • Cultural attitudes and behaviours: relationships vs. task orientation, status and hierarchy, gender attitudes, risk
  • Working and doing business in Brazil: managing meetings, negotiating in Brazil, attitudes to outsiders/foreigners
  • Communication styles: business etiquette; “taboo” conversation subjects, presentation

Lunch & refreshments included

Mitre House, London, London, EC3A 5BU (View Map)
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