#EventTechHack - The Event Tech Challenge

 13 - 14 
CAMPUS LONDON, 5 Bonhill St, London EC2A 4BX, UK
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The Hack:

Are you an EventTech enthusiast, a hard-core coder, a designer, business/marketing person or just a hackathon fanatic? Do you want to win the worlds first #EventTechHack? If so, join us for Event Tech Lab’s #EventTechHack on Saturday 13th into Sunday 14th June at Campus London for an innovative weekend of collaboration, creativity and coding. You don't want to miss the world’s first EventTech hack - take the #EventTechHack challenge. Its going to be fast and furious!

Event Tech Lab is partnership community of #eventtech start-ups, developers and event professionals. Check out our website www.eventtechlab.com and follow us on Twitter @EventTechLab

The Task:

Platforms/devices: The hackathon is all about building something that actually helps streamline event management operations, creates great audience engagement or is a benefit to the events industry . Our sponsor – the Concerto Group – are looking for something fresh! Their operations include creating event ideas, planning and executing events as well as providing venues, catering and staffing for events. Check them out here http://www.concertogroup.co.uk/ to get an idea of what event professionals need to make their lives easier, businesses more efficient and attendess happier.

You can bring/build any demo-able platform/device that fits the theme. Do some reading and research on whats out there and how your hack could make a difference. You are responsible for knowing and setting up your IDEs, SDKs, APIs. To start the process go to www.mashape.com or www.publicapis.com to start your research.  Assume there will be help on the day from mentors and event professionals  to give advice and guidance. Be prepared!


Maximum of 4 people. Ideally teams will be made up of coders, UI designers and business/marketing/event professionals.  If you already have a team sign up as an individual here on with your team-mates. Let us know on the day if you are already in a team when you arrive. If you are not in a team, just turn up and we will help slot you into a team that you feel comfortable with.  Food and drink will be provided tokeep you going throughout the hack.

Judging Criteria:

Impact: What impact would your hack have on the events landscape?

Practicality: Is the hack fit for purpose?

Feasibility: Can this project be realistically implemented and scaled?

Creativity & Technical Innovation: How innovative is your hack?


Prizes for the winners and runners up will be awarded after the judging. The first prize is aimed at the team developing their idea into a fully functioning eventtech application. The first prize includes: Event Tech Lab Level 3 Partnership, demo the hack to event buyers and investors at the Event Tech Lab event on Tuesday 16th June, two showcasing opportunites within the year to demo the developed application to event buyers and 10 hours of mentoring by Event Tech Lab founders. The prize is worth in excess of £3000.


Judges Panel:

Peter Kerwood - Concerto Group, Julius Solaris - Event Manager Blog, Robert Dunsmore - GES EMEA, Gary Dalal - Apptology, Ivan Garcia - Pickevent. Judging takes place on Sunday 14th June afrom 3-4p. 










Event Manager Blog




The Concerto Group





Arrival and networking
12:00  -  12:30 v 

Arrive and register for the hack. Network with developers and event professionals who will be there to mentor and give advice.

Introduction to the task and form teams
12:30  -  14:00 v 

Peter Kerwood, Marketing Director of the Concerto Group will introduce the  task and explain what the judges are looking for in more detail. If you are not in a team this is an ideal opportunity to collabortae with others and from teams. Lunch will be served at 13:00.

Start Hacking!
13:00  -  24:00 v 

Youve got some ideas. Youre in teams so collaborate, create and code. Dont forget Midnight snacks to keep you going!


Host Venue

EventTechHack Sponsor


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Could not make it today
Had a emergency so I was unable to attend the event tech event today, can I join tomorrow as observer/volunteer? I really like the idea and would like the opportunity to chat with other involved in event tech.
That's ok you can come over to Campus and observe and chat. Judging is at 3