Embodied Leadership

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In our current culture our head is seen as the important part. The body is simply what takes it around from meeting to meeting and, if our body’s lucky, we’ll take it to the gym occasionally and look after it.

What if we were to see that the body plays an important role in leadership, and that this goes beyond simply body language? Embodied Leadership focuses us on the physical body as indistinguishable from who we are – indeed, as the means by which we hold our personality. Our leadership is embodied in our physical bodies and we can use this to be more effective, successful leaders.

Embodied Leadership is supported by modern neuroscience and contemporary philosophy. So, how do we go about developing leaders in this way? Embodied Leadership is about how we can begin to work directly with, and through, the body to develop the self.

The activities you can expect:
  • Learn to access greater choice in their actions and behaviours
  • Have explored their commitments as a leader and how they can articulate these powerfully
  • Understand their leadership and how they can use embodied practices to continue to improve their leadership over their careers.

Facilitated by:

Pete Hamill

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