Day 3: Leisure Language Learning in London -iTongue: Our Multilingual Future
Saturday 1 November, 12:00 AM 2014 to 5:00 PM 2014
, South East London, England, Online (View Map)

iTongue: Our Multilingual Future” is a new generation of paralinguistic digital tools for foreign language learning and it brings together art-items, game-methods and key competence training.

Through using approaches that combine scientific information about how the brain works with popular and familiar communication means, the project will create and disseminate easily accessible information and products of the most crucial findings about what inhibits and what promotes learning.

Launched in August 2013, the 'iTongue' initiative will facilitate language learning at a time of day convenient to the learner, e.g., during relaxation, as entertainment, travelling to and from work.

To increase awareness, provide access to new resources and enable active participation in the iTongue initiative among professionals involved already in language learning, ESTL will be holding a three-day workshop on Neurodidactic approaches to learning in London.

Scheduled to coincide with the Study Weekend in London, this workshop will cover:

  • Memorising with the 'Mexican Hat'
  • New developments in neuroscience and influence on how we learn
  • New approaches to learning with neurodidactics
  • Neurodidactics and music, art, computers
  • Science and technology to promote language learning with ease and fun
  • Decoding techniques for language learning
  • Creating audio and video learning clips based on neurodidactics
  • Effective solutions to language learning for adults
  • EU-funded Grundtvig Partnership Project 'iTongue: Our Multilingual Future'

Cost (workshop only): Euro 297

Cost (workshop, meals, accommodation, cultural tours): Euro 620

Book online at:


This workshop is ideal for:

  • Adults working already with adults in language learning, incl. community-based projects;

  • Teachers keen to update their CPD through new approaches to learning;

  • People interested in making language learning more accessible to busy adults;

  • Creative people who use creative arts to promote learning through music, dance, art;

  • IT experts (incl. mobile technology) who'd like to apply technology in language learning


Funding may be available for European citizens. Contact your respective National Agency in your home country to cover travel and accommodation costs (including meals) for successful applicants to participate in workshops.

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Book online:

If you have questions or need more information, just email: or telephone  +44 (0)207 096 0620.

, South East London, England, Online (View Map)
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