How to Start a Successful Food Business
Tuesday 30 September, 10:00 AM 2014 to 4:00 PM 2014
1 E Poultry Ave, London, , EC1A 9PT (View Map)

Idea to Launch including Funding Options

Introduction to presenters and their background

The idea

  • What is your idea?
  • What is the background behind this idea/concept?
  • What sets it aside from current concepts? Examples of well-known food businesses.

Thorough (applicable) Market Research

  • Have you researched the field? How have you documented your findings?
  • Do you know the players in this domain?
  • How to use your research to refine your concept

The plan and actual next steps

  • Constructing a plan and how to use it
  • Relevant sections
  • Remaining realistic

Knowing the numbers

  • The key to financial success starts from having the right forecasts and staying on top. 
  • The restaurant percentages that you need to know
  • Keeping expenses to a minimum
  • Practical examples of a P&L; 
  • Putting together a forecast
  • How to make sense out of the numbers
  • Funding the business - options 
  • How to prepare a correct opening budget and monitoring working capital 


  • Food cost/wastage - stocktaking
  • Supplier management
  • Software

Staff - what to expect and how to be responsible employer

  • Hiring and firing
  • Training
  • Customer service 

Legal requirements for a food business

  • Health and Safety
  • Health and hygiene 
  • Insurances
  • Licences

Appropriate property for a food business

  • Different examples for different concepts
  • Usage 
  • Leases - what to watch out for

Top tips and 15 min slot with a guest who has just started

Innovation Warehouse
1 E Poultry Ave, London, , EC1A 9PT (View Map)
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