Silver Surfers IT Workshops
Wednesday 10 September, 10:30 AM 2014 to 12:30 PM 2014
Castle Avenue, London, London, E4 9QD (View Map)

Sign up to these sessions and discover the full potential of your laptop, touch screen tablet or PC in these weekly workshops for Silver Surfers. 

Gain and share computer tips and tricks and discover how easy it is to find your way around your device.

Maybe your thinking of buying something new?
Get help to simplfy the jargon and find out which must have features will most suit your needs.

Sessions will include:


  • Demonstrations of IT devices, websites and online resources & applications
  • The opportunity to have your questions answered in plain English
  • A chance to share computer tips and tricks in a friendly, easy going, non-judgmental atmosphere with great tutors
So come along with the list of things you want to know!

Sessions run year round, every Wednesday for 10 week periods, during term-times.
In order to ensure that sessions are not oversubscribed, we require you to sign up to each term, however there is no pressure to attend every session, so don't worry, if you need to miss a few, just let the tutors know.




Hale End Library
Castle Avenue, London, London, E4 9QD (View Map)
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