Friday 15 August, 9:00 AM 2014 to Sunday 17 August, 7:30 PM 2014
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iDISCOVER is a beautiful opportunity to re-define your career & purpose and start a fresh new relationship with yourself.

We help people clarify their own inspiring career direction, take good care of their emotional well being, and ignite personal & professional relationships through clear communication.

The program uses 'Emotional Intelligence Practicals' (EIP) to achieve its goals and is led by its creator Gal Stiglitz. Over the course of 27 hours' tuition (taking place over the course of a weekend with a follow-up workshop), you will undergo a dramatic shift in 3 main areas of your life:

A) Career: Become crystal clear on your career direction, finding the niche that inspires & fulfils you. Improve your professional performance levels.

B) Relationships: Dramatically improve your personal and professional relationships and turn them to be more fulfilling.

C) Emotional Wellbeing: Clear any emotional baggage/stress that distracts you from being present. Increase your self-esteem and self-value and feel better.

'Know  Thyself' - Socrates

iDISCOVER is for people who are serious about identifying and realising their full personal and professional potential. It's designed for small groups of up to 16 people so each participant gets plenty of personal attention, leaving you in the perfect position to run your life and career on your terms.

If you would like to find out more, we invite you to join our evening event: A Practical Approach to Career Fulfilment

Program: Total of 27 hours.

Part A:
Friday 6.00pm - 9.30pm: Introduction to EIP/ Making sense of Human Behaviour
Saturday 8.30am - 8.30pm: Enhance Emotional Intelligence & Performance

Part B:
Sunday 9.00am - 7.00pm: Re-Define Career & Purpose
Wednesday 7.30pm - 9.30pm: Summary & Conclusions


Day 1 - Introduction to EIP:

You will learn a new model for understanding human behaviour that allows you to know yourself and others better. You will create a map of your personal values and gain clarity on what's most important to you.

Day 2 - Enhance Emotional Intelligence & Performance:

You will rediscover and empower yourself, increase your self esteem and self value and clear emotional baggage. This improves professional performance levels and allows you to be more present.

Day 3 - Re-Define Career & Purpose:

You'll build your self-awareness and clarify your most fulfilling career direction, mapping out a strategy to make it all happen. You will also organise and develop the personal plan you need to go out and achieve your goals.


Day 4 - Summary & Conclusions:

A follow up evening session with Q & A and closures. It gives you a chance to discuss the outcomes of the program having had a few days for reflection, and create momentum moving forward.


Emotional Intelligence Practicals (EIP) is a term that describes a philosophical/psychological approach towards living, and was developed by Gal Stiglitz. The approach offers a complete model to understand human behaviour with several practical applications. It offers a set of processes that are designed to increase the ability to deal effectively with the personal and professional challenges common in the modern era, to name a few:  A) Choosing a fulfilling career. B) Increasing satisfaction and performance in an existing career. C) Resolving conflicts and increasing satisfaction in relationships. D) Dealing with stressful situations.

Gal believes that EIP is an essential skill to have in the 21st century and that its lack is actually one of the main factors for many conditions such as: stress, anxiety, depression and so on. He believes that like any form of intelligence it can be acquired by anyone willing to learn it.

Led by: Gal Stiglitz

Founder of WOW TALKS & iDISCOVER | Creator of EIP

Gal helped hundreds of graduates and professionals to become more emotionally intelligent and find a fulfilling professional direction. He utilises EIP (Practical Emotional Intelligence) to help people resolve conflicts, see things with greater clarity, and improve performance in a matter of hours. He is also the founder of WOW TALKS, an organisation that creates content and events to inspire people around the world towards making a living doing what they love.


Raynale Bejjani - School Principle Says:
"The depth of knowledge shared by Gal was amazing and especially the part about
different etymologies, an eye opener to many. Many thought provoking instances.
beliefs. the delivery was excellent"
Barabara Salera - Executive Coach Says:
"Gals workshop was an enlightening experience, which brought me some
wonderful insight and greatly changed my perspective on something I had
previously viewed as a very negative experience. He taught a philosophy
and method that I greatly look forward to applying my life going forward."
Jacqui Clark - Illustrator Says:
'The workshop was a good balance between content and coaching. It was first class coaching; Gal was authentic, insightful and gave coaching that was incredibly practical as well as appreciating where the participant were coming from. He worked with people to give razor-sharp insights which brought our real qualities and what was really important to the fore, working together to then make a fit with our true purpose and career. The work Gal does with people is incredibly touching and has far reaching practical benefits.  Even if you know what business you are in, the course helps you take the reigns and steer yourself rather than be at the mercy of circumstance.Even though i have been a freelance illustrator for over a year the course gave me clarity on what really makes me tick and opened up possibilities for the future of my business that hadn't been available before. Not only this, but importantly Gal gave insightful practical advice and tools which have given me a new lease of life, direction and excitement about the future.'
Jane Baker MSc, MCSP - Chartered Physiotherapist Says:
'In a very structured and logical way, Gal helped me work out what was important to me and what I wanted to achieve/focus on. He has clearly had a lot of experience working with people who have all kinds of life experiences and manage to get you to work things out rather than just telling you what you should do. It was productive and instrumental in me focusing my career and personal life in ways which have been challenging, positive and immensely beneficial. I would recommend this course to anyone.'
My Hotel Bloomsbury - Old Skool Meeting Room, London, United Kingdom, WC1B 3HD (View Map)
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