OA Connect Workshop: Influencing Through Effective Communication
Thursday 10 July, 10:00 AM 2014 to 5:00 PM 2014
Mountbarrow House, London, Gt Lon, SW1W 9RB (View Map)

Does the term ‘Networking’ leave you cringing? Or at best, feeling a little bit uncomfortable?

Networking is an invaluable tool in everyday life but the thought of it can leave people concerned over how to ‘work a room’ or ‘sell themselves’.

You may be relieved to hear that specialist networker Judith Perle, co-author of ‘The Network Effect’, advocates a far less ‘manipulative’ approach to networking. In this workshop you’ll learn how to develop your ‘soft’ interpersonal skills, create rapport and build relationships, and view networking in a much more positive light.

You’ll leave feeling ready to harness the power of your network and feel much more comfortable meeting people at events in the future.

There are only 25 places available so please reserve your spot here as quickly as possible. Course fee is £25.00, which covers lunch and refreshments. 

What former attendees have to say about Judith’s workshops:

“Judith has held some very inspiring master classes about networking for alumni as well as students from my business school - providing overall understanding of the importance of networking as well as some very useful and practical tools which can be used by everybody. The planning process was very smooth, and the events were very well received by the people who attended.”

“Judith offered a real insight into the tools and techniques that can be utilised to both build new networks and develop current networks. Despite attending the course over 5 years ago, I frequently utilise the techniques that were introduced to me on a day to day basis. The course was highly interactive and brought together a number of key concepts that have proved to be invaluable in both working and social environments.”

The Officers' Association
Mountbarrow House, London, Gt Lon, SW1W 9RB (View Map)
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