Day 2: Understanding Sustainable Refurbishment (London based)
Thursday 26 June, 12:00 AM 2014 to 11:45 PM 2014
David Croft House, London, , EC1N 6TD (View Map)

This unit is London based and is a 3 day programme

This unit is delivered by Russell Smith (Manageing Director of Parity Projects) and provides students with a thorough understanding of the policy, principles and practice of retrofit, including: the need for energy efficient buildings; the Green Deal, including how the process works, how to get involved and how to access Green Deal finance; an overview of energy efficiency improvement measures and how they compare in typical UK houses in terms of costs and performance; practical knowledge of techniques such as solid wall insulation, renewable technologies, airtightness improvements, natural lighting, heating systems etc.; an insight into low carbon refurbishment projects, pilots and case studies; how to manage and supervise a project to optimise the use of low carbon retrofit measures; the importance of quality assurance in retrofit; the economic case for retrofitting energy and water efficiency measures to existing houses; UK Government policy and regulation related to building retrofit trades and professionals.

Federation of Master Builders
David Croft House, London, , EC1N 6TD (View Map)
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