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Saturday 12 July, 12:30 PM 2014 to 7:00 PM 2014
2 Savoy Street, Strand, London, , WC2 0BA (View Map)

Discover 7 Secrets To Grow Your Business To Make Your Business Attractive And Stand Out From Crowd Using Website & Effective Business Videos - Free Training Workshop For Small / Medium Businesses - Speakers - Harry Sardinas & Dwight Harrison

Free registration click here: http://seminar.harrysardinas.com/ 



Standoing out from the crowd in the business is a great challenge for business owners and entrepreneurs.






Free registration click here: http://seminar.harrysardinas.com/ 

With over 2 billion people on the internet and so many companies providing the same services that you do what will make you more attractive, more visible to your target market and build your brand awareness?



In this free workshop training you will learn key things you can use to enhance your own website and create an effective business video.

1. Create your book so you become the authority in your market niche

2. Create the right headline so your message is clear to your market

3. Create an effective video for your business which can increase website sales conversion by 6 times

a. Clarify your target market for a business videos to your attract the right clients

b. Clarify your target market's problem and the solution your provide

c. Clarify your message to your target market to your connect with the right clients

d. Practice the delivery of your message to your audience so you communicate it effectively

e. Indentify your call to action to your ensure greater engagement with your market


15:30 - Break





4. Learn the lead generation tools you need to attract new business


5. Learn how to use the autoresponded to keep your audience engaged 


6. Create your ownline shop effectively so clients can buy from you any time when they are ready


7. Create your clients testimonials which can increase your sales conversion percentage


18:30 Q&A; 


19:00 Business Networking Available  

Free registration click here: http://seminar.harrysardinas.com/ 

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2 Savoy Street, Strand, London, , WC2 0BA (View Map)
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