5 Easy Steps to Building a Business Strategy
Wednesday 9 July, 6:00 PM 2014 to 8:30 PM 2014
2 Savoy Street, , London, , WC2 0BA (View Map)

5 Easy Steps to Building a Business Strategy - Presenter Khierstyn Ross

The Business Alchemist - www.KhierstynRoss.com

  Khierstyn Ross - The Business Alchemist 

6:00 PM 

Are you an entrepreneur who has struggled to get your business from the startup to the SME stage? 

Would you like to bust through your blocks and make the breakthroughs to new levels of success? 



Whether you currently run a business, or aspire to run one, there’s always a dream you’re chasing, but never seem to catch. However, I know if you’re given the right tools, the only thing not achievable are things you’ve yet to think of! 


Our next speaker is Canadian born, and brings a fresh perspective to the table. Khierstyn Ross has been an entrepreneur and coach for the last eight years. 


In 2013 Khierstyn Ross added over $1 Million extra sales to her clients business simply by designing and coaching in newer, simpler processes and systems. Since 2007 she's helped over 50 franchises make breakthroughs to new levels of sales performance with her simple, pragmatic approach.


Website: www.khierstynross.com



The Talk Will Cover:



• Begin With The End in Mind: Why Your 5, 10 year plan is not enough



• Critical Numbers: Dissection of "The End" into Tangible parts



• Competitive Strategy & How You Can Be Different



• Why Most Businesses Fail When They Scale



• Systems: You Don't Need to Be A Franchise To Use Them


• Q&A;

Business Networking

All sectors of business welcome.

We look forward to seeing you!

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2 Savoy Street, , London, , WC2 0BA (View Map)
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