Reducing the Risk of Developing Tech Concepts (a London Tech Week event)
Wednesday 18 June, 10:00 AM 2014 to 1:00 PM 2014
Rivington Street, London, , Online (View Map)

18 & 19 June 2014 | 10:00 – 13:00 | Black & White Building, Rivington Street, Shoreditch 

In partnership with London Technology Week, Future Foundation (a global trends, forecasting and consumer insight agency) will be running a workshop on ‘Reducing the risk of developing tech concepts’. The same workshop will run on two consecutive days.

The Problem: developing concepts for future apps, technologies and devices is challenging enough. To add to the difficulty, concepts are too often put to consumers when it’s too late to change them, or when a large amount of resources have already been spent.

The Solution: Future Foundation presents a concepting methodology that uses consumer trends both to inspire new ideas and ensure that those ideas address existing and future consumer needs. We use a combination of established and emerging consumer trends with a range of emerging tech trends to highlight opportunities for innovation within the remit of tangible consumer behaviour. Facilitated, interactive sessions in this complimentary 3hr workshop will:

  • Immerse participants in evolving consumer trends – such as The Death of Risk, The Power of Quiet and The Culture of Recognition – which are set to have an increasingly significant impact on consumer behaviour in different sectors and markets
  • Help participants to decode and apply consumer trends for more effective, future-proofed frameworks for tech innovation
  • Use creative techniques such as ‘trend clashing’ to generate new concepts mapped to different sectors and consumer needs
  • Working with bespoke content and materials, the session will be led by members of Future Foundation’s senior team
Black & White Building
Rivington Street, London, , Online (View Map)
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