The £34 Qualified Leads Machine
Thursday 24 July, 9:00 AM 2014 to 5:00 PM 2014
42 Britton St, London, , EC1M 5AD (View Map)

... or "How to get a Steady Stream of Hungry Customers to your Web Site for Less than the Price of a Dinner Out for Two"

Is your website generating AND QUALIFYING leads while you sleep?

On 24th July, Influence Agents will be helping a select group of 12 ambitious small business owners to address this and many more marketing challenges, in our full-day live workshop, "The £34 Qualified Leads Machine".  Over the course of the day, you'll build your very own system for attracting more of your target customers, instead of huntign themselves down yourself!  The tools we'll use and integrate cost a monthly total of just £34.  Compare that to the $199+ per month of Infusionsoft (the small business option) or the £712+ per month of Marketo - a leading marketing automation tool that does little more than the solution we'll give you at 1/20th the price!  We're not knocking them ... it's just that we've met many small business owners that smply cannot invest that kind of figure.  Here's your chance to level the playing field.

It's not just about the technology, however.  During the session, you'll also learn how to put the marketing automation engine into effect, to:

  • Attract more Buyers - Stop hunting down your target buyers, and let them find you instead.  In short, get your website working as hard as it should be!
  • Capture Leads - Build landing pages that convert, even if you have no coding knowledge or design flair.
  • Qualify Leads - Take your prospects from "unaware" to downright PRE-SOLD, without any of the hand-holding or constant badgering you see from others in your industry.
  • Improve Sales Conversions - Use your machine to capture the right information about your prospects, and to remove all objections before you even meet them.
    This exclusive workshop is for small business owners, one-man-bands, coaches and consultants.  Do you recognise any of the following?
    • You've tried telesales/telemarketing, but the results never seem to come
    • You've bought email lists, and sent out the campaigns, but your open rates suck, and no-one seems to respond
    • Introductions and referrals have dried up, or you find yourself talking to the wrong people - they're not what you would call an "ideal buyer"
    • You get pushed down on price, and squeezed on margins, because you "need" the business
    If so, then this workshop is for you.  We'll show you how to connect with the right buyers, and have them qualify themselves for your products and services, sufficient that you'll never need to compromise on price again.


    We're not looking to bamboozle anyone with jargon.  Technology should make life easier, but that's rarely the case, we know.  In this instance, we're offering a guarantee ... if there's any part of this process that you find you can't achieve on the day, we'll offer a full money-back guarantee.  That said, if you can operate an Excel spreadsheet and send email, you should be perfectly fine!


    Bring along a laptop - you'll need it!  Also, we'll be asking you to sign up for a few of the web services we'll use on the day.  We'll send instructions via email, so you can come prepared, but we advise you to bring your credit/debit card and/or Paypal details, just in case.


    All attendees will also get access to our online programme, which includes all the techniques and tutorials covered on the day.  Packed with video demonstrations, transcripts and worksheets, you'll have everything you need, to re-inforce your learnings, and to repeat the process for as many products, services, or businesses as you like.


    You'll also get a DVD recording of our June 2014 seminar "Marketing Automation Live" - over 60 minutes of content, describing the Marketing Automation process in more detail, inlcuding our 4-layer methodology for successful marketing automation.


    Matt Hodkinson is Founder and CEO at Influence Agents – a butique Inbound Marketing Agency, helping clients to connect digital marketing with true business objectives and improved revenue.  Matt's thought-leading views on Digital Marketing and Social Media have led to frequent appearances on BBC TV and radio (a connection made via Twitter), as well as a number of international speaking engagements.

    The Goldsmiths' Centre
    42 Britton St, London, , EC1M 5AD (View Map)
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