Telling Stories with Data Visualisation
Wednesday 18 June, 6:15 PM 2014 to 8:15 PM 2014
42-46 Princelet Street, London (View Map)

Telling Stories with Data Visualization 

By  Prof Jo Wood (City University London)

Why are stories important in data visualization? How can we borrow from the story telling craft in journalism, comic book drawing, film, rhetoric and other disciplines to make using data visualization more effective? How do we use narrative in data visualization to explain ideas, enthuse audiences and to persuade clients and decision makers?

This session will explore ways in which data visualization can be made more effective by borrowing some of the approaches and models of storytelling used in other disciplines. We will consider key ideas including clarifying purpose, engagement and discovery, memorability and persuasion. The session will consider how these ideas may be applied specifically to the design and delivery of complex data through visualization.

The session will suit anyone interested in working with complex data and who wish to improve the way they use visualization of those data to have impact.


Jo Wood is Professor of Visual Analytics at City University London. He is a member of the giCentre at City that focuses on designing and building data visualizations, especially those with a spatial component. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers in the fields of information visualization, geographic information science and terrain analysis. He teaches postgraduates and undergraduates in the areas of data visualization, computer programming and presentation. He is the course director for the MSc in Electronic Publishing at City University London.

Unruly truth about Jo: He can’t drive, but can and does cycle across much of the UK



42-46 Princelet Street, London (View Map)
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