Day 1: Savory Institute - Putting Grasslands to Work
Friday 1 August, 8:30 AM 2014 to 11:45 PM 2014
45 Prescot St, London, Gt Lon, E1 8AX (View Map)


London Tower Bridge

We invite you to join us for the Savory Institute’s Annual International Conference, this year to be held in London on August 1st and 2nd. This central location will allow our partners and collaborators from around the globe to join us and contribute to this special event. The theme of the conference is: Dirty Conversations, Putting Grasslands to Work. We will spotlight grasslands for all their underappreciated beauty and value. We will also foster conversations around the unifying language of the land which bridges all cultures. Our movement is about real people with dirt under their fingernails and families to feed, people unified by a love of the land, a desire to understand nature’s rhythms and cycles and the magical beauty of abundant life in the soil. These are people that want security for their children, prosperous landscapes, and a life filled by a deep personal connection with nature. 

The age of Holistic Management is upon us. There is an undeniable need for humans to honor the complexity of the natural  world. We’ve seen a new awakening among people to embrace living in harmony with their environment.The movement has reached critical mass and is exploding all around the globe. Holistic Planned Grazing is currently being practiced on every habitable continent.  We’re seeing lands of all types dramatically improve, with increased soil organic matter, water holding capacity, productivity, and biodiversity. As the world shifts to this new paradigm many are open to the business opportunity that is developing as human culture shifts towards regeneration and needs ongoing knowledge and support in this new endeavor. SI’s burgeoning network of affiliated Hubs around the world is an exciting reflection of this.

With Hubs in Argentina, Chile, Mexico (multiple), South Africa, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Spain, Sweden, and The United States (multiple), HM is reaching new farmers, ranchers and pastoralists and influencing the management of thousands of hectares. Another wave of Hubs is being launched in the next month, marking steady progress towards our goal of having 100 of these entrepreneurial, locally led and managed initiatives by 2025

Additionally, the Savory Institute is currently engaged in large-scale restoration projects with partners around the globe including China, Turkey, UAE, Kuwait, and Swaziland, New Zealand,  Continental USA (multiple), and Hawaii. These projects account for hundreds of thousands of acres being managed and restored under Holistic Planned Grazing.

We are collaborating  in research projects, data gathering, and public awareness with amazing individuals and organizations such as UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, Princeton University, Texas A&M;, Tufts University, The Nature Conservancy, Slow Food, American Grassfed beef Association, etc. We’ve received a formal endorsement from HRH Prince of Wales, who is very active in the realm of sustainable agriculture. And of the thousands of applicants, we’re one of the 11 remaining finalist of Richard Branson’s Virgin Earth Challenge, a $25 million prize to a proposition that can demonstrate a commercially viable, scalable, giga-ton solution to climate change.

So come meet our global partners face to face and celebrate with us as we enter a new era of hope for humanity centered around saving the world’s grasslands

45 Prescot St, London, Gt Lon, E1 8AX (View Map)
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