How to Workshop
Wednesday 23 July, 9:00 AM 2014 to 4:00 PM 2014
10 Regents Wharf, London, Greater London, N1 9RL (View Map)

Learn how to facilitate - today's vital leadership skill

Workshops are the dominant mode for getting things done in teams. But how often do they unify teams to solve the problems organisations face? In this two-part masterclass, you’ll learn how to design and lead inspiring workshop journeys that achieve the business outcomes you want. We’ll share tried-and-tested thinking, tools and techniques based on nearly 50 years of workshopping with the most senior leaders in the world, from companies including AOL, Tate, Microsoft, PwC and Skype.

Who this class is for?

Business leaders looking to create and lead inspiring workshop experiences that achieve better and bolder results.

The questions we’ll explore

How can you best unify teams to solve problems?
What are the techniques for designing workshops quickly and simply?
How can you make your workshops more impactful?
What’s your particular workshop style and leadership approach?

How you’ll learn

You’ll learn in an intimate setting through a combination of practical theory, best practices, roleplaying, and interactive exercises. The first session will focus on laying the foundations
for running an inspiring and productive workshop journey – from prep to follow up. In between
the two sessions, you’ll have access to our facilitated online forum where you’ll be given
exclusive practical content and exercises. The second session will focus on advanced tools
and techniques for more experienced workshop designers and leaders. You’ll be able
to share progress, get personalised expert feedback and hone your workshop skills.

Who you’ll learn from

Richard Houston is a strategy director at Wolff Olins London. Richard has spent the past
five years designing and leading workshop journeys for a range of senior clients across
industries, including EE, PwC, Skype, Triumph and Western Union. He is a guest lecturer
in brand at The Kaospilots in Denmark, and mentors students in the MSc in brand
leadership at the University of East Anglia. He holds an MPhil in management
and a BA in geography from the University of Cambridge.

Daniel Greene is a design director at Wolff Olins London. Daniel has spent the past
four years creating beautiful and simple workshop experiences for clients like EE,
Barclays, Skype, Macmillan and Royal Mail. He holds a BA in graphic design
from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication.

What you give and what you get

From the course, you’ll get faster decision-making, unified and energised teams, better ways of working, and more action.

Refund Policy

Things come up. If you can't make it to the class or workshop, please email us at least 7 days before the scheduled date. No refunds or exchanges will be given after this timeframe.  


Wolff Olins
10 Regents Wharf, London, Greater London, N1 9RL (View Map)
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